Fall Wedding – Wedding Guest

I recently attended my first Caribbean-Chinese wedding and had such a good time. My brother’s best friend’s brother (I know that can be a tongue twister 🙂 ) married a Chinese girl and I’ve never seen him this happy! I usually opt for bright colors when I attend weddings but I wanted to change it up a bit with a maroon evening gown.

The location was nothing short of amazing!

I wore a Daymor Couture gown which was already sitting in my closet for months.

The pleats could have either made me look stuffy or added a nice flair to the entire look. Deciding to wear this dress the night before the wedding definitely made me a bit scared of how this would all turn out.

The pleats worked out perfectly!

This was my first fall wedding so I went against what I usually do (which is wear bright colors all year round to any and everything) and wore what is considered a fall color; maroon. If you’re not new to Befitting Style, then you know that I don’t believe in pairing colors with seasons. I believe in wearing all colors all year round.

Part of me wishes I wore a pink dress to this wedding simply because the ambiance fits bold hues perfectly.

I decided to wear as much red as I could while beating my face which can get a little scary because red eyeshadow can be so bold, but it worked out fine.

I danced so hard that my bun began to unravel during the reception.

Although I may stick to wearing brighter hues at future weddings, it was fun experimenting with maroon.

Stay tuned for more wedding looks!

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