Easy Breezy | Turquoise Crop Top Neutral Skort

Befitting Style Oyinkan Wearing Turquoise and Neutral

It’s summer and sometimes I just want to go for something easy breezy. A crop top and neutral skort does just that for me. I recently met up with friends that I haven’t seen in such a long time. As this was not an occasion that needed a night time slay, I kept it simple.

Befitting Style Easy Breezy | Turquoise Crop Top Neutral Skort

My makeup was very minimal as I kept away from dabbling in eyeshadow on my lids. Simply placing eyeshadow as my bottom liner along with my usual bronzer and concealer and of course throwing on some ColourPop lipstick .

Befitting Style Easy Breezy | Turquoise Crop Top Neutral Skort

Befitting Style Easy Breezy | Turquoise Crop Top Neutral Skort

I’m always throwing a random fabric of who I am. Its a part of who I am.

Befitting Style Easy Breezy | Turquoise Crop Top Neutral Skort

I’m so glad that I didn’t dress the way I usually would because the night was such an epic night that reminded me so much of my college days (even though I dressed my way through college lol) that the locations we ended up in didn’t require my usual slay. I’m not one to tone things down for anyone or anyplace but it was such a perfect day and night for an easy breezy look. Our activities led me to believe I was already in tuned by having a more chill mindset about it all.

Befitting Style Easy Breezy | Turquoise Crop Top Neutral Skort

Befitting Style Easy Breezy | Turquoise Crop Top Neutral Skort

I’ve previously worn this top piece as a cover up while taking walks down Malibu Beach but this time it served its purpose as the statement piece of this look. You may also remember this skort from the last time I went to Vegas (throwback). This top is actually a bikini top that I’ve never worn as a bikini. It’s my second time wearing it and I couldn’t resist wearing it as a crop top yet again.

Befitting Style Easy Breezy | Turquoise Crop Top Neutral Skort

Befitting Style Easy Breezy | Turquoise Crop Top Neutral Skort

Befitting Style Easy Breezy | Turquoise Crop Top Neutral Skort

Befitting Style Easy Breezy | Turquoise Crop Top Neutral Skort


What do you wear when taking it easy?

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104 Thoughts to “Easy Breezy | Turquoise Crop Top Neutral Skort”

  1. I love skorts because they are so comfortable. I love how you paired it with the top.

  2. I love how your makeup matches your little top! And how beautifully they both match to your hair! So gorgeous!

  3. Oh my gosh! I love everything about this outfit. The look is on point, and skorts are soooo comfy.

  4. What an adorable outfit! I love your hair!

  5. Oh my you are working this look!! I love every detail that you put into this look, gorgeous!!

  6. Okay this outfit is SO CUTE! I NEED that sqort in my life!

    1. Skorts are essential LOL thank you

  7. You look so cute! I love that top!

  8. candy

    You can pull this look off but not happening in for me. Do like the color of the top. Just can’t wear anything that revealing.

    1. Yeah everything is not for everybody.

  9. Cute outfit! I like the touch of turquoise eye liner that matches the outfit.. makes it pop that much more. Looks like a great summery outfit.

  10. Comfort Ayoade

    What a beautiful outfit, it compliment your hair. Your makeup makes you look glamorous. God bless you Oyin. Amen.

  11. Love the color of your top! My favorite piece is the cover up. What a perfect summer look! What do I wear when taking it easy? I have a post coming on Monday that will show you my easy breezy summer look. Loving yours!!

    1. Awesome! I’ll check it out!

  12. Claudia Krusch

    This color looks amazing on you. I love that you matched your eyeliner with the top. It would be a great addition to my summer wardrobe.

  13. Looks like a breezy outside I could have used in PHX this last weekend! I need some more light fabrics!

    1. Lovvveee light fabrics. So wonderful!

  14. Kay

    You rocked this look!

  15. Jenn

    You look fabulous. When I want to dress down I’m a yoga pant and tshirt type of girl.

    1. Thank you! active wear is comfy as well. I wear that at home. 🙂

  16. this top is so cute! and this color looks great on you!
    if I’m in chill mode, basketball shorts and a cutoff is my favorite thing to wear at home… if I’m out then a sundress 🙂

  17. Turquoise is YOUR color, girl! You look stunning – love your makeup too~

  18. That crop to is adorable on you!!! I wish I could wear something like that!!

  19. Victoria Heckstall

    Your outfit is really cool and fabulous! I like it very much. I remembered when I was young, I’m always wearing a sexy top. Haha! That was so fun.

  20. Jennifer G

    What a beautiful outfit! I love the colour of the top. It’s just so breezy and gorgeous, perfect for spring.

  21. This is a great look and perfect for a hot summer day. I love the pops of color provided by the top and of course your awesome hair!

  22. Misty Nelson Dawn

    Wow. It really looks a cute outfit and perfect for the summer season this is so comfortable and looks good on you.

  23. uprunforlife

    That is a cute top and I love the color on you. I couldn’t pull it off (I feel too old for showing my belly these days). 🙂

  24. Cute! You are totally vibrant in that turquoise!

  25. sara

    I love your style! This turqoise top looks beatiful on you.

  26. I really like the style and tortoise look is amazing 🙂

  27. This is simply amazing! It’s the perfect summer outfit, it looks so comfy and light. Totally a great way to beat the heat.

    1. I definitely beat the heat that day. Thank you so much!

  28. That turquoise crop top is so cute! So perfect for summer!


  29. I never dare wearing crop tops. I feel like i should coz I really like yours! so colorful! xx corinne

    1. Thanks you definitely should 😉

  30. Super fun. The colors go so well with your hair!

  31. I love how original you are and that you aren’t afraid to try new things! The neutral skort looks amazing and that it can go with pretty much anything!

    1. Thank you so much! I think it’s so important for us all to be our authentic selves and embrace it. It’s the only way to achieve true happiness and fulfillment.

  32. Skorts are so fun and easy to wear, and I love the color of your crop top. You look amazing in this outfit and I love that you brought out the turquoise with your eye shadow as eyeliner.

  33. I love your hair!!! Looks like you had fun taking these photos, your personality really shined through!

  34. How amazing do you look! Turquoise looks fantastic on you and I had no idea skorts were back, I need to get me one!

    1. LOL skorts are never going anywhere…. and if they do, I’m still going to wear it.

  35. I love your hairstyles and makeup. i also like the turquoise top its beautiful on you. I seldom wear skirt as I love wear long pants. Your photos are pretty like you.

  36. You totally pull that outfit off amazingly! I love the color of the top. I also love your hair, by the way!

  37. Jenn jg

    This outfit is hot! You are rocking it and the bright color looks so wonderful on you!

  38. Skorts are great but I am loving your hair. It is so long and I love the colour, you look like a prettier version of Ariel. Happy summer x

  39. You look incredible! Your hair is so cool, as well.

  40. Nay

    Beautiful summer outfit! You look amazing!!
    Turquoise really suits you.

  41. Your looks amazing with that outfit! Yes, to Colourpop lipstick. The shade looks so pretty!

  42. LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit and your makeup! Your top is so cute and the color is perfect for summer!

  43. Ophelia Tang

    The crop top looks amazing. It matches the warm weather of Summer so well. Thanks for sharing!
    XOXO //SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  44. You look beautiful in your outfit. The color combo also looks great on you.

  45. You look super cute in that outfit! I love how it flows. So pretty!

  46. That color turquoise looks perfect on you! It really goes well with your hair. And a night that reminds me of college sounds fun!

    1. LOL college memories are always fun!

  47. Such a gorgeous top. And I love your hair!

  48. I love the top! lovely color:) and your makeup is so nice looks like you really love fashion

    1. Style is life! LOL Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

  49. Needa

    You look superb in this!! I love the color you carry and especially your makeup! Perfect for summer ! i will add some in my list too ! thanks for share

    1. Thank you so very much! I’m glad you like it

  50. I definitely can’t wear a crop top. It is cute and looks great on you though!

  51. Megan

    You are so good at bringing in colors to your outfit! I think the crop top is a beautiful shade of turqouise!

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