DRK Beauty Offers Free Therapy for Women of Color In America

Self-care is so important and I find that quarantine may be tough for those who were already battling with their mental health. When I found out about DRK Beauty, I was excited to learn about their new initiative DRK Beauty Healing which offers free therapy to women of color in the United States. What a powerful way to make an impact in the community!

Founded by Wilma Mae Basta and Danielle K, Jackson, DRK Beauty is a platform that highlights diversity in beauty. The DRK Beauty Healing initiative connects women of color with clinicians nationwide. Its as simple as choosing the clinician in your preferred city, contacting the therapist, and mentioning the free offer.

Its amazing that therapists are donating their time and genuinely prioritizing women of color and their mental health. This initiative was originally offering 10,000 free hours of counseling, but Cynthia Erivo is now in partnership with DRK Beauty Healing as she donated $25,000 to expand the initiative.

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“This is a time where self-care is not selfish.” – Cynthia Erivo For DRK Beauty, our core mission is to be of service to our community and help each person in it to thrive. This is our everlasting commitment. This space is designed for those who identify as women of color to be celebrated, supported, nurtured, and honored. When the world began to shift, we tuned into our community to hear their needs and DRK Beauty Healing was formed. Since its launch, we have received an outpouring of support from far and wide. We are thankful for the many voices that have picked up the torch to join us. Today we add another light. We are so incredibly thrilled to have @cynthiaerivo as our official partner for DRK Beauty Healing! Not only will Cynthia be helping us to spread our message and garner more free hours of therapy, she will also be donating $25k so that resources will continue to be available to those in need of service. Tap the link in bio to learn more, donate, and support!

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Looks like this initiative will continue longer than expected and I’m very excited about the healing that this produces. I hope this becomes a staple in our community. Head over to DRK Beauty Healing to sign up for free therapy.

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    Thank you DRK Beauty Healing for organising this beautiful gesture for women of color. I thank you Cynthian Erivo for being part of it, and above all thank you Dr.Richard Belson for doing what you know how to do best. God bless you Oyin for this beautiful info. Amen.

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