Don’t Rush The Fall | Shirt Dress + Polka Dot Jumpsuit

Why bid farewell to summer when we still have 16 more days of summer according to the seasonal calendar. Even after September 22, the sun is still shining for most of the day, flowers are still blooming and the weather is still relatively warm.

Once september begins, everyone treats summer as a forgotten step sister and constantly talk about fall as if we are not currently in the summer season.

I absolutely love summer and fall. I love the warm weather, the fact that I don’t need to wear much clothes and the endless amount of activities to partake in during the summer. It may be slightly cooler in the Fall than the Summer but fall also possess some great qualities. I think Fall is an awesome season mainly because I’m an October baby but also because fall requires slight laying, which is always fun to play with.

Nonetheless, people quickly forget about summer once september starts because of the newness that transitioning into a new season brings. My friends and I are very excited for fall and constantly rave about the new pieces that we get to play with, obviously in different ways than we did in the summer. Regardless of the upcoming transition, it is still very important to enjoy what is left of summer.




Shirt Dress: Walter Baker

Jumpsuit: Jachs



The shoes and bag are both oldies but goodies.

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Aldo






Until next time style lovers!

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One Thought to “Don’t Rush The Fall | Shirt Dress + Polka Dot Jumpsuit”

  1. comfort

    Love love love your style. Where will I start. I don’t so much like summer because it’s too hot and humid. Fall comes with wind and partial winter. Believe me sweet heart, spring is the best weather. It will prepare you for summer, shelf off winter from your body and memory. The sound of fall means winter has come. Please don’t mention FALL yet, I am still enjoying the beautiful weather that God throws at me.

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