DIY Crochet Jacket – Outerwear

I’m not exactly sure if I should call this crochet item a jacket, a sweater or a coat but nothing gets me more excited about style than DIY projects. I’ve known how to sew for as long as I can remember and learned to crochet at the age of 12. I find that I appreciate the items that I create much more than the items that I buy in stores.

I wish I knew how to write an understandable pattern so I can help others to create but I did this on a whim and created my first tassel outerwear a few years ago. All I did was follow a similar technique when I created this.

Although I love bright colors, there’s something about grey that just exudes the perfect neutral and easy to pair with almost anything. I paired this with other neutral hues because I wanted to keep it simple with sequins (yes sequins can feel quite simple to me LOL).

I paired this velvet plush jacket with my favorite black thigh-high boots that provide a bit of edge featuring zippers, then added a Zara sequin crossbody as well as Express sequin shorts.

I’m so excited to create more of this DIY Crochet Jacket in different colors!


Hope you’re enjoying your 2nd to the last day before Christmas!

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