Interpretive Dance at Uri Minkoff SS17 | NYFWM

I always find myself in the most “interesting” situations. I walked into the Uri Minkoff presentation and as I walked up close to one of the models and began to photograph him, I noticed that the other models got in formation as if a performance was about to begin. Completely clueless, I looked around and realized that something was about to happen and I needed to get out of the way. Fast! Its at that very moment that I knew that the presentation would command my attention as well as everyone else’s.

Uri Minkoff wmag 1

What seemed to be a metal piece was tied to the bottom of the rope as they swung the rope to one another. At times, they stood tall on brick pedestals but most of the time, they danced in slow movements with great precision.

Uri Minkoff wmag 3

Entrusting their fate into one another as they slowly fell into each other’s arms, I was amazed and wondered if they are models, dancers or both.

Uri Minkoff SS17 2

Uri Minkoff SS17 1

Later on I learned that the models are dancers from Gerard & Kelly whose work has been featured in several museums all over the country.

This form of dance is usually presented in an attire much more comfortable than fitted blazers, trousers and button downs, but the dancers pulled it off effortlessly.

Uri Minkoff Wmag 2

Uri Minkoff SS17 3

Accessoring with medium blue metallic footwear is perfect for the attire which displays various shades of blue.

Uri Minkoff wmag 4

What do you think of Uri Minkoff’s presentation?


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