Current Favorite Bikini!

Am I the only one who holds on to clothes for a while and then whip them out much later? I have a weird habit of doing so, getting so excited to purchase something, only to neglect it once it ends up in my closet. What’s even weirder is I hold on to items that I love the most. This G Saints Swimwear set has been my favorite bikini since I purchased it in 2015. I’ve always said I’ll wait to wear it to somewhere special. At this point, it’s been two years so I figured it’s time. Why wait any longer to wear this strappy master piece?!

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

I think my love for strappy bathing suits like this one by G Saints Swimwear is linked to my love for stripes. I pretty much love seeing lines across clothing in many different forms. If you’re going to rock a G Saints bikini then you should make sure it’s fitting to your body and make sure you get someone like to see to your bikini line.

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

I love the mesh inserts that the top features. This whole bikini is very detailed from top to bottom.

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

Many wear it only during the summer but sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories to wear throughout the year. The sun shines year round so I never understood why people put them away for the cooler months.

I accessorized with hot pink Quay sunnies which I am in love with.

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style

My favorite Bikini - Befitting Style


What kind of bikinis do you love?

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98 Thoughts to “Current Favorite Bikini!”

  1. Nicole v

    That is a super cute bikini! I’m glad you finally decided to wear it, it looks really nice on you. I really like high waist bikinis. They have a classic old school look. I have 3 of them and 2 one piece bathing suits.

    1. Thanks love. I need more high waist bikinis. I’m so in love with them!

  2. What a fun bikini! It would sure make for some funky tan lines, though haha. The colour suits you so well. Very flattering too. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

    1. Thanks girl! I didn’t even think of the tan lines lol!

  3. Coral

    That’s a great bikini! I need me one like that… love the colour

  4. I do the exact same thing quite often.

    Honey, you are working that swimsuit! The color and style is absolutely fabulous on you! I wish I had the body to wear stuff like that!

    1. LOL thank you so much!

  5. WOW! Yellow is my favourite color and the bikini looks so so cute. Love the abs and your body too.

  6. I love the cut outs because they’re perfect for giving your body more shape or curves. It’s a stunning swimsuit, you have such awesome taste!

  7. This color looks so good on you! I love all the cut outs!

    Amanda ||

  8. I’m the queen of buying clothes just to the them in a drawer or closet! Lol. You look fabulous in that swimsuit though!

    1. Girrrl its an old habit of mine! Thanks so much!

  9. You are cute! I couldn’t ever imagine wearing a bikini because I am so self-conscious. Maybe one day. But I probably wear it in my bedroom behind close doors. LOL

    1. LOL bikinis are definitely for outdoors! Maybe you can wear it to a private beach or if you ever get the chance to snag a private pool during a getaway. Because it’s private, no one will be around but you’re still outdoors so its still breaking your shell. I think that will help you slowly become comfortable.

  10. You look absolutely amazing and that is a stunning bikini! Love the bright colours for summer!

  11. You carry it so well and gracefully. I guess that’s the benefit of being fit. I like the bold colors too. Not everyone can pull them off. I usually go for the blues but I like this color.

  12. Your hair is such a gorgeous color, I just love it on you!!

  13. This bikini is gorgeous and I love the color. Yellow is a great color on your skin.

    1. Thank you. I love yellow!

  14. this looks great on you and I love the colour. I’m getting to be more of a one piece with cover up. lol

    1. lol there are some really beautiful robe cover ups out right now.

  15. That bikini looks absolutely amazing on you! I really like how the straps on the bottom crisscross to look like a heart shape.

  16. Wowza! Girl you look bangin in the bathing suit! It is so flattering on you! Love it!

  17. Wow that bikini is amazing! The colour is so vibrant and you rock it so well!

    1. Thank you Sarah! 🙂

  18. Ruth I.

    That bikini looks good on you. You made a good choice 🙂

    1. Thank you! Much appreciated!

  19. You are totally rocking this! It’s a very flattering bikini and i love the purple sunglasses too 🙂

  20. Comfort Ayoade

    Oh my gush, I love that swimwear. This will show my flesh, I don’t think I can pull this off. It really looks glamorous on you. God bless you Oyin. Amen

  21. I love how sexy – yet modest – this swimsuit is. That color really looks great on you, too. I do something similar to you – I buy something – wear it once – then neglect.

    1. LOL or take forever to wear it! Thanks love!

  22. Omg I just adore the cut of this bikini! And I just love that color yellow too. You look fabulous btw.

  23. You look amazing in this. I love the color and the style. So unique!

  24. That color looks great on you. Now that you mention it I don’t think I have a favorite bikini this year. They’re all just ok.

    1. Thank you. When it comes to bikinis, my faves don’t change around.

  25. Claudia Krusch

    This bikini looks amazing on you. I love the yellow with your skin tone. I need to go shopping for a few new suits.

    1. Thank you! New suits and kinis are always necessary. I feel like I overbuy them lol

  26. Anne Yedlin

    I love the color and design!! It looks perfect on you!

  27. i have seen these bikinis everywhere in stores. it looks super good, although i’d be a bit afraid for my tan line. love the color and design still

    1. Yeah there are many variations of it now. When I purchased it 2 years ago, that was not the case. Thank you my love

  28. Jessica Taylor

    That color looks great on you! I haven’t wore a bikini in years, but if I did it would look similar to this!

  29. Molly | Miss Molly Moon

    This bikini is so fun! And you are seriously ROCKING it. It fits you perfectly!

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon

  30. I LOVE the bottom of that bikini! It is so unique and fun. And that color looks just amazing on you! Rocking it girl.

  31. WOW!!! You are totally rocking this bikini! I love how strappy it is and the color is so beautiful on you! <3 <3 <3

  32. aareeba

    you look stunning , I loved the color and the cut outs of it . It’s fits perfectly

  33. What a cute bikini. On me it would not look as good as I can see my belly sticking out.

    1. Awww its okay. They have many other options on their website.

  34. That’s a cool bikini! I like how it flows and I too like the straps!

  35. This bikini looks stunning on you! I can see why it’s one of your favorites. I think I would have to hit the gym a bit more to pull something like this off.

    1. LOL nothing wrong with hitting the gym more. I work out a little extra when I know I’ll be wearing bikinis

  36. One, HAIR!! I love red. As soon as I finish being blonde for the summer, I’m going back to my first love. Secondly, I appreciate you showing this swimsuit. I have often found that high waisted bikini shorts don’t look right on me -but- I think because this one has some breathing / stretch room, I could work with it.

    1. Yeah this one definitely stretches. Girl get that red back! I love it! 🙂

  37. This is such a fun bikini! The colour is beautiful and perfect for summer!

  38. That’s cool about the mesh inserts. You look pretty amazing in yellow I do have to say. Great bikini and you look amazing.

    1. Thank you! I love the mesh inserts!

  39. Kathleen

    What a gorgeous bikini! I love the details, and I think its a very unique style! The yellow looks great with your skintone, and I really think you are just rockin it!

  40. I m not a bikini person but l loved this yellow beautiful bikini looks stunning on you. I love those glasses they are so trendy going so well with your all over appearance .

  41. Elizabeth O

    It looks terrific on you and I’m amazed you kept it for two years without wearing it. The color rocks too.

    1. Thank you. I literally would look at it from time to time and put it away thinking I’m better off saving it for later. Probably should have worn it sooner but I’m glad I’m wearing it now.

  42. What a fun bikini! I love how it comes up around your tummy in a funky design. Plus, could the color be any better than the yellow?! x

    1. Seriously don’t know what I like more: the color or the cut… thanks girl

  43. Love the color of the swimsuit. You have the body to wear it. And red is your color.

  44. Wow that is so damn amazing! I love the confidence and brightness you possess.. Keep loving yourself like this xD

  45. Blair villanueva

    You looked absolutely stunning with your bikini. No wonder you like it. Its gorgeous!

  46. You look damn sexy! I am envious of fit you are! Keep it up 🙂

  47. I loved the bright yellow color of your bikini! You look absolutely stunning and nailed it completely!

    1. Thank you so much girl!

  48. It looks beautiful on you.And the colour is nice and give you a beautiful look.

  49. Absolutely love that colour on you. It’s a gorgeous swimsuit and while I can’t rock that colour i’d totally rock it in black or white!

    1. Thank you. Because of the way this style fits my body, I would probably wear it in any color. I’ve never imagined it in black or white but I’m sure it would be beautiful in those shades as well.

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