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Chic and Comfy Slides Befitting Style Befitting Steals

Besides wearing slides in order to get by the TSA quicker, they also serve a greater purpose as they can come in handy throughout your whole trip (and summer lounging). For the really lazy days where you barely even want to put on a shoe (borderline considering walking bare feet), slides are a perfect way to still keep it chic. I usually opt for the slide that has a bit of character to it which tends to include embellishments, metallics, fur (yes fur in the summer! No worries your feet won’t sweat) or even printed fabric. Normal slides are boring and defeat the purpose of a slide complimenting your look. Because I believe anyone can look amazing on any budget, these slides allow you to be chic and comfy for under $100.


Chic and Comfy Slides Befitting Style Befitting Steals



Chic and Comfy Slides Befitting Style Befitting Steals



Chic and Comfy Slides Befitting Style Befitting Steals



Chic and Comfy Slides Befitting Style Befitting Steals



Chic and Comfy Slides Befitting Style Befitting Steals


Although I wear slides while away, I’ve grown accustomed to wearing them for regular outings with my friends as well. They’re a bit addictive so I think it’s safe to say that these are my current loves.

Have you been wearing slides this summer?

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45 Thoughts to “Chic & Comfy With These 45 Slides | Befitting Steals”

  1. Comfort Ayoade

    Believe me, I love all those slides. I feel like buying them all . They are beautiful and they look comfortable as well. Love them all. Thanks Oyin, God bless you. Amen.

    1. Thank you. Glad you love them!

  2. candy

    I always wear slides when going through TSA always. Really liking the ones with the ruffles, okay so there are many different ones I like tons.

    1. LOL glad you like them!

  3. My current obsession is the ruffle slides so I am so happy to see them on this list! I did spy some new slides that I’m going to be adding to my list too 🙂

    1. Awesomeness! Glad you like them!

  4. Those slides are all fabulous! I mean, come on! FRILLS! Yay!

  5. Slides are my favorite shoes when the warm weather comes. They are so comfortable and so. freaking. CUTE! These are great picks.

  6. Ooo I have total shoe fever right now! I love the casual slides with the furry details, they’re so cute

  7. Jennifer Van Huss

    What a fabulous collection! There are so many different options here I would love to own!

  8. Who knew there were so many different slides. So many cute ones!

    1. Yes! Glad you like it

  9. Those pink boa looking slides remind me of something out of an old Hollywood movie. This is a really great collection of slides.

  10. Mary Edwards

    I love them all. My fave are the flower covered slides. They are so pretty. Those pink ones are GORGEOUS

  11. Loving those ruffled and metallic slides! Slide are so perfect for this warmer weather and make it so much easier to slip on than anything with laces.

  12. These are all gorgeous, especially the metallic ones. I love to wear slides because they are so comfortable.

  13. Victoria Heckstall

    These slides are pretty amazing!! I’m so excited to get a slide with my sister. I will check them out.

    1. Great! I’d love to see how you style it!

  14. These are becoming a huge trend these days. I’ve seen beauty queens and models wearing them a lot. I think these are comfy and perfect for the summer!

  15. Jennifer G

    I love these! All of them. I need some new slides so badly. Now I may have to buy them all. I need something comfortable and cute!

  16. These would all be nice for slipping on to run a quick errand. I am always in the need of fast shoes, that may be a sign that I have no fashion sense and need to take more time getting dressed. lol

    1. Yup be chic while running errands.

  17. I love slides. They’re so easy to wear. I need ones with support though–high arches!

    1. Ohh I totally understand.

  18. E H

    Love the fluffy slippers from this post! They look so comfy and nice to wear – a spa for feet all day long!

  19. So many great choices if you like a slide on )or is it in?) shoe. I love the painted or embellished slides.

    1. Embellished and metallic are my faves!

  20. Love those shoes, they looks super pretty. I am more for comfort and they look comfortable.

  21. There are some really cute ones in this bunch! I love shoes that I can just slip on, especially when I’m heading out the door in a hurry.

    1. Yup I use mine for quick errands all the time!

  22. I like several of these. I’ve gotten in on the slides trend and I’ve even embellished two pairs for myself.

    1. Oh how cool!!! I love DIY! That’s something I would totally do!

  23. These are all so fancy and fun! I have a plain pair of slip on sandals that work pretty great!

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