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Hello beautiful people! I hope your holidays has been amazing thus far and you’ve been able to keep warm! Holidays only means one thing: it’s officially winter. Since you’re probably going to opt for a coat this winter, you might as well look good while bundled up. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you should neglect the same spunk you had while getting dressed during the warmer seasons. A little chill in the air shouldn’t keep you from slaying.

This may not look like a coat at first glance but believe me when I say that it is! It may not be the thickest of coats but it’ll be great for that 40-50 degree weather. The slight bell sleeves will allow you to show off your play with layers as you pair this with a long sleeve turtleneck sweater dress.


Tweed is a classic that is very much needed in your closet because this style lasts forever. This is a coat that will not go out of trend. Pair it with neutrals such as high waist black pants and a black and white cropped turtleneck.


Nothing like a classic camel colored wool coat. Although you can pretty much pair this with almost any color, one of my favorites to pair browns and tans with is red. It’s a simple go-to that allows the look to pop, giving you an effortlessly chic look.


I love color blocking all the time, but I also love to monochrome and I’ve been really loving peach lately! This may seem like an oxymoron but I love to pair fur coats with open toe heels. I literally wear open toe heels all year round! If you’re like me, this may be one of your fave looks. Don’t worry, it’s faux fur.


Which coat will you opt for this winter?

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14 Thoughts to “The Coat Slayage | Bundle Up In Style”

  1. Love all these different opinions so fun! I am loving the camel collections. Those are totally me!

  2. That peach looks is my favorite! I adore the pink fur coat and satin trousers!

    1. Its definitely my favorite as well!

  3. I love all of the coats you selected! These are absolutely gorgeous! You’ve got great style!

    1. Thank you soo much Kaitlyn!

  4. There are so many great outfits here. I love the beige combination and the dress with the red and black herringbone skirt is gorgeous.

    1. I grew up wearing skirts like that and still love it! 🙂

  5. That peach fur coat is stunning! I’d wear fur with open toes, too. I think it’s a southern thing. 🙂
    erin |

    1. Ha ha! Yes! I don’t see anything wrong with it! People may think I’m crazy but I really do love open toe heels. They’re my favorite.

  6. Krysti

    Love all of these looks- especially the tweed coat- such a classic!

    1. Very much needed! 🙂

  7. I like the coat from Barneys New York and the gold shoe from Jessica. The check coat is really beautiful as well. Thanks Oyin, God bless you. Amen

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