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Although I’m a fall baby, fall is not one of my favorite seasons. I’ve always preferred warmer months over cooler months. I don’t wear coats often and I’m that girl that doesn’t wear much clothes in the winter because I don’t get cold easily (utilizing blazers as jackets and occasional layering). Spring and summer makes me happy. The style, the bright flowers it exudes and the longer amount of daylight we receive keeps me a happy camper. Because I always choose happiness, I refuse to limit myself to “fall colors” all because the weather is getting cooler and the days are getting darker. We have a little over a month of fall left and what better way to keep things bright by wearing a yellow faux leather jacket! I’ve always had a thing for colorful leather jackets. They are such a great way to dress bright during the fall and easy to layer with during the winter. They also add on to my happiness.





Despite the craziness of this world, it is important to choose happiness. Choosing happiness has been imperative for me ever since I was a little girl. Because I’m naturally dismissive, anything that is around me that could possibly keep me from being happy was always removed from my life. Having self-love includes prioritizing your well being and your well-being is affected if your happiness is removed. With the understanding that there can be several circumstances that may be out of your control to change, it is important to create a solution around that circumstance that will bring back your joy.












With all that is occurring in the world, it’s important not to allow anything to take away your joy. When circumstances occur and you realize that it may make you unhappy, you have two choices: get rid of it or fix it. Get rid of anything that is toxic in your life and if there is something you can’t seem to get rid of, fix it. Find a solution. Being unhappy should not ever be an option for you. To be happy and joyful is a choice. Choose wisely.

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33 Thoughts to “Choosing Happiness | Yellow Faux Leather Jacket”

  1. This outfit is so vibrant! You pull off that gorgeous Autumn yellow flawlessly!

  2. Life is full of options, following what Oyin have just said, we have to choose happiness. Happiness gives you long life, positive friends, good job, stay longer in a positive relationship, makes you get away with so many things, give free gifts. Be Happy always. God bless you Oyin IJN. Amen.

  3. love the color of the jacket paired with those pants! such a fun and colorful look!

  4. You look lovely in all the photogenic pictures you have. Love how clear and loving the jeans a lot on you. EVERYTHING looks great (:

    1. Thank you. The pants aren’t denim. They’re just regular cotton trousers 🙂

  5. Finally, someone else that isn’t so gung-ho about fall! Lol I’m Summer’s child myself but I adore that yellow on your complexion. Yellow definitely radiates happiness and even though I have been wearing more neutrals this season, I need some more happy factors since I’m still not over the elections. Maybe I’ll wear yellow to this ball I’m attending.

    1. Yellow is such a great color to brighten up your day! Whether its the elections or any other craziness in this world, it’s important to choose happiness despite it all.

  6. blair villanueva

    I honestly hard to pull and wear a yellow or custard jacket, but you paired it with your jeans so effortlessly! I think your jacket is perfect color for all season.

  7. This jacket is the best! I love the pop of color! The leaves around you are gorgeous too.

  8. Kay

    I am so with you on the weather lol. You picked a great piece to show in the blog the colors are amazing . And I feel it was meant for me to see this today as well on the happiness puts some things in perspective for me .

    1. Great! Happy to hear this!

  9. Spring and summer make me happy too but I love fall fashion even though I don’t love the weather. The yellow is the perfect pop of color!

  10. I’m loving the mustard colors this fall! It’s such a different but flattering color. 🙂 You rock that jacket. <3

  11. What fun photoshoot. Love your smile and the yellow looks great on you!

  12. Can I have that neckpiece please? LOve it a lot. Great pics.

  13. I’m a UCLA Bruin Alumni! So that blue and gold is SPEAKING to me! (Although, yes, technically it’s yellow).

    You pull off that combo really well!

  14. I recently removed some things that weren’t making me happy and life became alot less stressful! That outfit looks amazing on you, i love the colours!

    1. Yes removing the toxic is necessary. Thank you so much!

  15. Beautiful jacket! It looks great with your outfit. Just lovely!

    Beth ||

  16. CourtneyLynne

    Omg looking fab girly!!! You look Devine in yellow!!!

  17. Such a great outfit!! You look so happy!! XO

    1. Thank you so much! I really am. Happiness is important 🙂

  18. You look great in your outfit. The setting is so pretty too.

  19. Your photos are so full of life and fun! The pops of colors are lovely!
    xx, Kusum |

  20. Loving all the colors in your outfit. You are definitely choosing happiness all over!

    Danielle | <3

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