Chapter SS17 | NYFWM

If you know me, then you know that I absolutely love colors! I checked out the Chapter SS17 presentation and even though it was mostly black pieces, I actually like it. I know its weird. Black bores me, hence why I wear it sparingly. In this presentation, it wasn’t just the clothes. Its the way the pieces were paired together as well as the overall California vibe. Very chill. Very cool.

Chapter SS17 2

The subtle details is what attracted a color lover such as myself. The full leg pants gently grazing the ankle is one of my favorite little details .


I’m such a sucker for palm trees and so are many others so incorporating palm tree prints is absolutely perfect for the upcoming season.



There is nothing like a well striped piece such as the vertical striped top which was worn over tanks and button downs.


From bald heads, to curly hair and straight hair. As designers tend to display their pieces with one hairstyle, Chapter displayed his looks with different hairstyles. I just love when there is a variety of hairstyles. It leads the pieces to appeal to a diverse group of people.


Chapter’s upcoming collection will be easy to wear by all men. It’s not complicated and men like easy fashion so it’s perfect.

What do you think?


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