The Bathing Suit You Need For Staycations and Vacations

I recently discovered Asherah Swim and I’m completely in love! This week we’re talking about swimwear because summer started late so why not be prepped and ready for your next staycation/vacation with chic swim! I’m excited to bring back Befitting Picks with a fab bikini! Not only is Asherah a fabulous black-owned brand providing swimwear but Cheryl “Cejae” Jones also designs athletic wear for the brand. I am currently in love with the Henna Bikini! With the bottom and the top meeting perfectly at the small of the waist, you…

8 Black Owned Fashion Brands To Support Right Now

8 Black Owned Fashion Brands to Support Right Now - Befitting Style - Fe Noel

I’ve been practicing self-care since the recent event that occurred in Minneapolis. Now that I’m done (hopefully) crying every day (but still extremely hurt) about the killing of George Floyd, I’d like to discuss some actions we can take to support black people. Supporting black businesses is something I’ve always stood for as it enhances black communities and I’m just naturally attracted to businesses created by people that look like what I see in the mirror. Below are 8 black-owned fabulous fashion brands to support right now. You can also…

The Pastel Crossbody Bag That’s Versatile For Spring | Befitting Picks


If there’s anything you need in your spring wardrobe, its definitely pastels. Pastels compliments many light looks by adding warmth. I also find pastel to be very fun to wear as it always brings back memories of my adolescent years because that’s when I wore it most. Nonetheless, when I saw this pastel crossbody bag, I immediately fell in love. It’s lavender shade paired with gold hardware couldn’t be any more perfect so as always,  I had to confess my new found love to you.

The Satin Clutch That’s Perfect For A Formal Occasion | Befitting Picks

I remember wearing a variety of satin clutches to formal events during my pre-teen years a bit more than my teenage years. As I got older, I strayed away from them as they seemed a bit dated. Times changed so styles changed. Every now and then, I still opt for a satin clutch. The last time I wore a satin clutch was to a wedding a couple of years ago. Although this is a style that’s been around for a while, I love the way it’s revamped