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Happy Thursday! Its almost Memorial Weekend and I figured why not hit the blog with an easy casual look?!  As I previously mentioned, I know that my definition of casual is a bit different from others but I actually think this look meets the general definition of casual. Letting my environment keep me bright, I stuck to a few shades of blue but predominantly navy.

I always find myself reaching for Calvin Klein shorts over many other shorts because its the perfect length as it’s not too short and not too long. Don’t even get me started on the fit! I always buy them a bit bigger than my size so it can have a loose fit (they’re not that loose here because I’ve gained weight lol)

Many don’t like to pair navy blue with black but I don’t see why not. Style is all about an essence and how you rock it. This has always led me to have no problem with wearing this Kate Spade Pop bag (my favorite bag) with a variety of navy blues without a care in the world.

If there’s one thing I care about in life, it has to be consistency. Life requires consistency and consistency is something that is usually easy for me to achieve because I’m very strong-willed. Regardless of that, something has been keeping me from being consistent which made me lack commitment to anything; even fitness which is one of the most important things to me.

Yes I have a little extra fat in my legs! Watching my body go from being toned to gaining fat (since late last year) actually hasn’t been so difficult to see because as much as  I love being in the best shape I can be in, I’m still in love with my body at every stage. Having a little extra fat is still beautiful to me because I don’t hate what I see in the mirror. What bothers me is not being able to commit, which made me feel like I was losing my strong will which is one of my greatest assets.

The things I love the most about myself are from within and not really external, therefore physical adjustments don’t really bother me especially because I know I can always work out and get my body back to what it was. That’s why self-love is so important. My self-love kept me going and didn’t allow me to dig a deeper hole for myself. Working out is a small dot in the bigger picture. As I spent time with myself, I realized that my strong will was beginning to disappear.

Self awareness is so important because if I didn’t check in with myself, I wouldn’t understand exactly what was happening.

Through lots of self discovery and an extreme amount of focus, I’ve been able to pull through and get back to being the consistent, strong willed individual that I know and love. Through prayer and being determined to win in this thing called life, anything is possible.

I’m back with my strong will and feel like a conqueror.

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4 Thoughts to “More Casuals | Getting Out of A Rut”

  1. Love the outfit. Love that color blue. Love the purse. I just love it all! You’ve nailed this one!

  2. I definitely love the color on you. It looks great. And thoes shoes. Wow! I can’t pull off heels like that.

  3. I love the shorts. Perfect for the warm weather. Love the color too.

  4. I love the whole outfit! Blue looks great on you. Now I’m off to find some Calvin Klein shorts 🙂

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