Casual Pink Ruffles | Color Block

I tend to be in my own little world which led me to realize that what I may consider casual, may be judged as otherwise by many, nonetheless, I think this look is super casual. I recently caught up with friends and threw on a casual pink ruffle top while color blocking with orange shorts.

I’ve been loving pink my whole life but I find myself reaching for it even more noways hoping not to wear it so often to the point that I get tired of it. Because of that, I knew staying away from monochroming and opting to color block my look was a perfect idea.

It was a beautiful sunny day with the rays reflecting on my Ardell 811 lashes that I’ve grown to love. It took some getting used to as I initially learned to apply lashes with Cecile by Haus of Lashes.

I almost feel like one can’t have too many necklaces. I usually wear 2-5 necklaces at a time.

These oldie but goodie schutz shoes used to be one of my faves. I wore it a lot a few years ago back when I would randomly end up at the Schutz store more often than my pockets needed.

I also had to jazz up the look with a Simitri Design sequin bag! I find myself reaching for this bag more often than my others lately. Get 10% off anything at Simitri using the code “BefittingStyle” at checkout.

I can’t wait to continue excessively pink and color blocking as I usually do!


What are you currently loving this spring?

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