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So I recently stumbled upon this unique Burberry trench coat and I instantly fell in love. Most trench coats are pretty basic as they don’t feature much details beyond the trimming so to encounter a trench coat that includes such succulent flaps in the front, creating a cascading look that is ever so pleasing to the eyes, left me swooning.


Stuck in the rain and don’t want to mess up your clothes? No problem! This short trench allows you to remain chic in the rain as its gabardine fabric provides weather proof protection.


Including an adjustable belt for the sleeves and waist allows you to fasten this piece to your liking.


I’m aware that not everyone goes and buy a Burberry trench on a whim as it costs a pretty penny. The unique detailing that this trench embodies isn’t created by many other designers, therefore I wasn’t able to find a trench that looks similar to this one but I was sure to include other trenches that are much cheaper but also made of gabardine so you can walk in the rain with style and confidence.


Which jackets are you currently obsessing over?

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22 Thoughts to “The Cascading Trench For Any Weather | Befitting Picks”

  1. This trench coat is calling my name. Love the color and the style.

  2. This jacket is GORGEOUS – I love the color and how it falls so much!


    1. Oyinkan

      Yeah the color is easy for anyone to wear.

  3. Crystal Marie

    I love the cascading trenches. So chic!

  4. That style coat is a no no. I do not like that at all. Not sure why the color is lovely thouhg.

  5. I am loving cascading trenches and dusters they just take any outfit to the next level!

    La Belle Sirene 

  6. blair villanueva

    OMG! This looks the same of my coat, but a bit longer. I bought it from vintage store for $2

    1. Oyinkan

      Oh cool who’s your coat by?

  7. Wow, what a modern twist on a classic coat! Love the ruffled effect in the front, definitely a beautiful fall piece.

  8. This trench is absolutely stunning!! Love the detail!

    Meghan |

  9. Super cute jacket! I love this trend! I just bought one that is knee length in olive 🙂

    -Alexandra Hammer

  10. I like the style and the cut a lot, but I think I would choose this in a different colour. It is a beautiful trench to have.

  11. This is such a versatile piece! I also love the camel colour. You can wear it with anything!

  12. Shane

    This has such a unique flow to the fabric! I’m sure you’d get tons of compliments!

  13. love the ruffle coat. It is absolutely perfect for fall. However it would swallow me up as I’m very short. But I still love it!

  14. Oh my. I have been passively saving up for a Burberry Trenchcoat for forever!! This one is lovely too.

  15. I love trench coats. I have a dark navy one but think I need a second one!

  16. What a great jacket. I love the shape and the detailing.

  17. I must admit at the moment I am not thinking much about trench coats or any coats for this season but loving the flapping deal on this trench coat

    1. I totally understand! Because I barely get cold, I barely wear jackets… there are just moments when some look so good that I have to wear it. This one is one of them.

  18. I love the jacket. It’s still in the 80’s here but supposed to cool off next week.

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