Cardi B ” I Like It ” Music Video Look For Less

I enjoy taking it back to the roots and acknowledging where styles originate from. Cardi B dropped a music video today for the song I Like It from her smashing album, Invasion of Privacy. She wore several looks in the video including this Marc Jacobs SS18 beaded top and a $695 turban paired with a yellow custom Alejandro Collection high low skirt and strutted in $995 Christian Louboutin Botticella Alta peep-toe heels. Beaded tops and turbans derive from African cultures so it’s only right that I show you a few other places to shop a look similar to this one at pocket-friendly prices.

You can get Cardi B’s I Like It  music video look for less by going for this $22 slightly metallic yellow Nasty Gal skirt and pair it with a green lace bralette layered with a $75 Topshop crochet beaded vest and a $55.00 Asos satin platform sandal. The best part is these earrings are on sale for $3 right now! No need to spend about $700 on a turban especially since you would pay less than 10% of that amount for a turban from any African country (which is where it derives from). This turban is $14 at Etsy!


Check out the turban at the Bella Segret To Fashion Etsy Shop

Because I’m Nigerian, I grew up wearing beads in a variety of styles, mostly as an accessory but it can also be worn as a layering top. Beads isn’t just a Nigerian style as it originates from all over the continent of Africa.

Virginia based Nigerian hairstylist and accessory designer, Ugo creates beautifully beaded neck pieces for just $60. Braids and Styles by Ugo ships worldwide.

Lunto Accessories is a South African based company that only ships nationwide, yet the beads are beautiful.

L Impressions Jewelry does not only create beaded neck pieces but also turbans and a variety of other accessories. Unfortunately, L Impressions only ships in Nigeria.


How do you wear beads?

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18 Thoughts to “Cardi B ” I Like It ” Music Video Look For Less”

  1. She is so flawless, I love her! This is such a great look for less find.

  2. Gladys Parker

    Love those beautiful pictures and different styles. The yellow custom Alejandro Collection high low skirt is so gorgeous. I can’t get over the comparison shopping differences in price. Not just with this outfit but with so many clothes and accessories today.

  3. I like the tops with the beads! That must be hard to craft. I like crafting but I think I can’t make such a top!

  4. Oh wow this is such a colorful outfit! I love that gorgeous yellow skirt. Its a shame yellow definitely isnt my color.

  5. Danielle Fox

    I love Cardi B! My husband keeps telling me he wishes he never told me about her !

  6. The skirt and turban are gorgeous. I love African inspired fashion – esspecially the ones with beads woven throughout. ??

  7. love how pretty and colorful the outfit is

  8. These are all such cute styles! I would love to be able to get this!

  9. Those are great picks for a splurge v. steal look. I’m loving the beaded tops.

  10. I love beadwork. The more intricate the better!

  11. Ada

    You killed finding the great dupes for her looks. Love that yellow at the very beginning! It’s so cute and appropriate for summer!

  12. Ma’am you are so dope. I love the pieces on your site. Just fab!!

  13. Beautiful and colorful out fit, All of the outfit and style match her, pretty lady.

  14. What a nice post! These outfits are out-of-this-world, I’d love to ware them. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  15. that bead work looks so awesome. very intricate and must be time consuming

  16. Blair villanueva

    Omg i love Cardi B, she knows how to incorporate her roots to her music and very relatable. And she is talented.

  17. Sam

    What a great post! Love that you were able to find cheaper alternatives for her look!

  18. Comfort Ayoade

    The high and lows is so beautiful that you will not believe that it is a look alike. The colors are sharp and the thread is neatly done. In my country Nigeria, you can wear beads on the hip. It gives sexy waves when walking and shakes with the sound of the music while dancing. God bless you Oyin. Amen

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