Bronze Gown | The Orchid Foundation

This hair really makes me want to wear any color thats in the gold family such as bronzes as well as browns so I had to throw on a bronze evening gown. I recently had the pleasure of attending a silent auction and I was so excited about it because all the proceeds go to The Orchid Foundation which is deeply rooted in empowering young women age 14-18 in underprivileged neighborhoods through mentorship. The foundation caters to skilled and driven young ladies and I was so excited to be surrounded by their positivity and love.

I’ve had this gown for a year and this hair made me excited to whip it out for the evening.

It was a pleasantly warm fall day that ended with rain but it was still very perfect to wear this dress.

The dress was tight at the top but looser towards the bottom making my size 6 body squeeze into this Nicole Miller size 4 dress.


I accessorized with bronze and brown necklaces, gold earrings and shoes and placing Fenty Beauty’s Trophy Wife at the high points of my face kept me glowing.

I’m so proud of my friend, Mary Dyánn for being on the board of the Orchid Foundation! Her great effort and contribution led to this silent auction being a success. Ron Contarsy portraits, autographed items by some of the Django Unchained cast and crew, and Quentin Tarantino’s signed Oscar-winning script from Inglorious Basterds were just a few of the items that were auctioned off leading to an amazing $12,000 being raised that night! There are other items being auctioned off at their eBay store until further notice.

It was also great catching up with my dear friend Sourabh Sharma.


What colors have you been loving this fall?

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39 Thoughts to “Bronze Gown | The Orchid Foundation”

  1. Soonjoo

    What a beautiful outfit and flawless makeup you have! All little details from makeup color tone to accessories are fantastic! Absolutely gorgous!

  2. Oh my!! This dress is just stunning and you really look gorgeous in it. Those shoes are rocking it too. Love it That dress could be worn to so many events during the holidays

  3. Girl!! You are rocking that gorgeous gold dress. Your accessories are spot on!

  4. most beautiful day so pretty a stand out color that is strong as well
    come see us at

  5. I can see why you want to wear gold, absolutely stunning, both the hair and the dress.

  6. This dress is stunning!! You look amazing!

  7. Komal

    Your hair definitely wanted you to wear that outfit and it you look stunning. What an awesome foundation!

  8. Holy Moly! That dress and hair look amazing on you. Way to rock it, lady!

  9. you look so amazingly gorgeous! From head to toe, from hair to makeup , flawless! And that dress is super elegant 🙂

  10. Joanna

    You look lovely in this outfit and the dress suits you perfectly. I didn’t notice at all it was quite tight at the top, you’ve pulled out an amazing look! The shoes are adorable as well!

  11. I love how well your hair matches that dress! You look stunning – and when you get tired of those shoes, let me know!

  12. Normally I wouldn’t care for so much matchy matchy but this look looks exquisite, maybe it’s the bronze of the red pop in your necklace that adds just the right touch, but I am loving the matchy matchy on you.

  13. OMW Oyinkan, you look like an African goddess in these pics. Stunningly beautiful and what a worthy cause too

  14. Agnes Vazhure

    Wow!! You look stunning in your bronze gown and your accessories are a perfect partner in your gown. Nice photography thou.

  15. Ariel

    That dress looks absolutely stunning. The color and everything about it is beautiful! Your make up is stunning as well, I wish I could do my make up that good!

  16. Chique Chica

    The sandals are so very beautiful. You have quite the eye for styling. You look gorgeous as you well know.

  17. The auction sounds amazing, I am all for causes that support young ladies, what an admirable cause! The dreess is beautiful and it fits you perfectly! You are rocking the gold!

  18. Really pretty gown and I love the color of your braids. This look immediately makes me think of the fall. Love it!

  19. Woow I really love your look. Completely bronzed out and looking fabulous. So glad the action went well 🙂

  20. You look absolutely stunning. I have to look more into the Orchid Foundation. This is my first time hearing of them.

  21. The gown looks absolutely stunning on you and what a great cause! The foundation sounds like a great one to support. Great cause!

  22. WOW! looks stunning girl! I hope you feel as beautiful as you look!

  23. You look stunning! this dress fits you so well! So chic and elegant! perfect for New years eve!

  24. This looks beautiful. The dress really suits you and looks gorgeous.

  25. Blair villanueva

    Omg from head-to-toe you look like a Goddess!
    You nailed the broze outfit and it was stunning.
    Am excited to see your next ootd post 🙂

  26. Wow, I love how you paired that gown with the heels. It’s gorgeous. Too bad it’s so long that it covered the heels most of the time!Looking forward to see you pair it with something shorter next time!

  27. Nicole flint

    You are looking like a queen! Gold is definitely your color! So chic!

  28. Most gorgeous thing I’ve seen today! 🙂

  29. Candy Rachelle

    What a very lovely dress! I like that bronze gown because that is absolutely stunning! You look so gorgeous!

  30. Elizabeth O

    You look gorgeous in your stunning bronze gown. It’s really suits you. Such a great photography.

  31. You look beautiful! Your hair and dress flow together so well. The jewelry and your makeup tie everything together and you look so elegant! I really liked the outfit paired with pictures in nature. And congrats to your friend on a successful auction!

  32. Diana

    You are so beautiful, Oyinkan! And your hair is just wow!
    Love the dress you’are wearing and your accessories, they suit you so well!

  33. Jess

    You look like a goddess in these colors! They suite you so well! You pull this off so well and it speaks volumes!

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