Brighter Neutrals Are Always Better

Some may think I’m weird (which I am) for talking about brightening up your clothes during the winter but as mentioned in my previous post, brighter clothes elevate the mood. When I say brighter neutrals, I’m not referring to changing the color of your neutral piece but I am referring to accessorizing brightly. While I understand that many cling to neutrals because it’s a safety net, I still don’t believe that it should keep you from brightening things up a bit.

I previously discussed that something as simple as a brighter lip changes things and a little glow never hurt anyone so I made sure I was glowing with the Artist Couture x Jackie Aina La Bronze & La Peach Highlighters.

Because I love the way red compliments my skin tone, once it was time for brunch, I paired the brown suede shift dress with a red trench.

The blue boots definitely made this look much brighter than the other neutral look.

Tieing all the colors together with a red and blue bag was a no-brainer.


Brightening up neutrals is easier than you think. Whether you incorporate lipstick or accessories, there are always ways to brighten things up as much as you want.

Do you dress this bright during the winter?

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