Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

Who said you can’t wear color during fall?! Nothing feels better than throwing on clothes that are as bright as you feel. It was a beautiful fall day that was perfect for breakfast with Intelligent Nutrients. Prior to this encounter, I was a bit familiar with this company but wasn’t well informed. Being the health and fitness enthusiast that I am, I was glad to really learn more about Intelligent Nutrients while nibbling on fruits and sipping on mimosas.

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

Many people find it hard to live a truly organic lifestyle especially when it comes to their skincare and the preventative measures taken to elongate this thing called life. I’ve been trying my best to see what works for me, I often use a range of products that normally consists of healthy eating, drinking more water, as well as using supplements such as this Vitamin C+ Elderberry blend, created to boost your immune system, decreasing the likelihood of any illnesses, or that general “feeling slumped” mentally and physically. It’s actually a bit easier than you think. Intelligent Nutrients is a certified organic company (all ingredients are 100% real therefore there’s no chemicals within their products) that provides hair and body products with their main ingredient consistently being black cumin. With the power to boost the immune system, black cumin is an antioxidant that decreases your chances of developing foodborne diseases. I took a shot of the Intellimune Antioxidant Super Seed Oil which serves as a nutrient supplement.

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

I’ve been wanting to wear this sweater for a while now because it’s so comfortable. There’s nothing like a vibrant blue sweater with blue thigh high boots to match.

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

I paired this oversized blue sweater with a multi-colored frock.

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

I had to keep the bright consistency and wear a pink clutch and earrings as well as pink lips. This lipstick is a mixture of Kat Von D Luv and ColourPop Thursday.

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall

Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall


Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear bright colors during the cooler months. Never let the season dictate the colors you throw on. Dress how you want to feel.

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62 Thoughts to “Breakfast With Intelligent Nutrients | Brighten Fall”

  1. I’m obssesed with your hair! Seriously it’s so stylish! And you’re so right about the vibrant colors! They even instantly lift our mood! (At least that’s how it’s working with me when I put on my vibrant pink hoodie on!) Also did I mention that I love your style??? If not then I’m telling you now.. I looooove it!

    Much love, Apostolia xx

    1. Thank you lovveee!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Joanna

    Whoever said not to wear bold colors in autumn and in winter was wrong. I love your outfit, is absolutely beautiful! The blue goes so well with the pink and it creates an out of the crows look.

    1. LOL thank you! Whoever said it was totally wrong! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Benita

    I love those boots! I think you can wear whatever color you look and feel good in. Just because itโ€™s Fall doesnโ€™t mean you canโ€™t be colorful, bold and daring.

    1. Completely agree!!! Thank you!

  4. I think that autumn season is all about color and I love your outfit. Too cute on you!

  5. I love the bright colors! I think it’s a shame when we go dark simply because of a change in the weather.

    1. I think its a shame too! LOL

  6. Blair villanueva

    Wow you are on blue fire!
    You look fabulous and fierce ๐Ÿ™‚ Am eyeing for your boots.

  7. I absolutely LOVE those boots! I could never see myself pulling them off, but I love how you did! I think bright colors are great all year – why fit in when you can stand out?!

  8. Wow – that is an eye-catching outfit. I just love the colors and your cosmetics go well with it. Those boots! OMG! I wish I wasn’t 4’10 sometimes. I would love to be able to wear stuff like that.

    1. Awww wow! Thank you so much.

  9. Wow, that dress is so beautiful! And I love the color of makeup (lips and eye shadow)

  10. you look amazing!! that blue is beautiful

  11. Adaleta

    Wow that outfit is just amazing, I mean wow you can rock those royal rich colours and look incredible! This is such a great look!

  12. You are fall goals!! You are so right. why can’t we have vibrant and beautiful colours in the autumn months? You are rocking this outfit! I like the sound of the super seed oil. sounds fabulous!

    1. Awww thank you! The super seed oil has so many benefits which is awesome!!!

  13. That blue is so eye-catching. I love those boots. Great photos.

  14. Ni'Kesia

    Those blue boots are literally to die for. You look amazing!

  15. You look absolutely beautiful! That color on you is amazing! I love your whole outfit and the boots just completed it.

  16. You look absolutely stunning, love the whole outfit and the bright colors. I have heard so much about Intelligent Nutrients, need to check.

    1. I’m so glad you’ve heard of Intelligent Nutrients. They were all so great to me providing exceptional service and information on organic living.

  17. That dress is amazing. I love how you styled it, especially with that statement necklace. It looks great.

  18. Shubhada Bhide

    Wow! you look so pretty wearing that gorgeous outfit. I love that color of your cute sweater and such an awesome boots.

  19. I love that bright blue, it really suits you and goes so well with the electric pink.

  20. You look so pretty in all the outfits in vibrant colors. Even your make up and bright hair color complements so well.

    1. Thank you! Love keeping it bright!

  21. Outfits in vibrant colors look so good on you. Even your make up and bright hair color complement so well with your stylish dress.

  22. Looks like a delicious fruit bowl. Yummy breakfast to enjoy and quite healthy at that.

    1. I always appreciate a good batch of fruit! Yes!

  23. I love women who wear bold colors and patterns. This outfit is just brilliant on you! Those boots are crazy beautiful!

  24. Needa

    Everything is perfect! Love the bold colors you carry with lots of attitude

  25. That bright blue outfit really suits you well. I’m not brave to wear bold colors but I like to see women wearing them.

  26. Ron Leyba

    Amazing. Lovely colors. Love the outfit you have.

  27. Claire

    Nice outfit! I hope you had fun, the breakfast looks healthy and delicious with fruits!

    1. Yes fruits are always great ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Totally agree with you on spicing up fall with colors. You rock the cobalt blue sweater!

  29. I like the way you have experimented with different colours.. It doesn’t necessary to tell that you are looking so stylish and trendy in all if your pictures..

  30. Krystle Cook

    Everything about this looks is so put together. I am really digging this particular color blue.

  31. Marie

    You look great! Vibrant colors have never been my style, but you look gorgeous with it!

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