Bralettes For The Summer

As a girl that strays away from bras, bralettes are my jam! I either go braless with my looks or throw on a bralette because they’re soooo comfy! If you’re like me and feel like wearing even less clothes throughout relentless heat waves, then bralettes are perfect for you!

I paired this bralette with high waist shorts and danced the night away in platform sandals.

As much as I love these sandals, they tend to hurt super quick everytime I wear them so I guess turning up at a party wasn’t the brightest idea but life is a party so why not?!

My dear best friend gifted me this floral leather clutch for my birthday and I’m so glad that I’m finally able to wear it!

Since it’s National Lipstick Day, its only right that I let you in on one of my favorite lip combos for the perfect mauvy lippie! For this look, I mixed Fenty Stunna Lip Paint “Unveil” and “Uncuffed”.

Although most of my bralettes are from Victoria’s Secret, you can purchase one almost anywhere.


What styles are you falling in love with this summer?

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