Bold and Vibrant at Malan Breton FW18

Malan Breton’s FW18 collection wasn’t an ordinary show.  As usual, it was filled with drama, beauty, and just pure perfection. Originally from Taiwan, his designs feature mixed patterns, texture and are obviously very open-minded beyond the social construct of styles that should be worn by each gender.

Nothing pleases me more than a beautifully structured evening gown as well as structured suits. Malan Breton has a great way of placing strong features on women, yet still keeping their femininity such as utilizing strong shoulders.

The Taiwan native created strong power suits for men and women following his believes of men being able to play with different styles and color as well as women having the chance to wear pieces that are easily classified as masculine.

Am I the only one that takes a peek at the men’s section in stores to see what I can do with it?

He utilizes his strong background in the entertainment industry and infuses it into fashion, producing a collection showing that exudes more than just runway.

Menswear involving bright prints encourages men to be bold, yet not taking away from their masculinity.

Malan Breton did it again with yet another successful show!

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Images: Richard Magazine

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    Malam Breton collection are really bold and beautiful. It gives hedge, command, on top, authoritarian, gives order. Love it. God bless you Oyin. Amen

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