Black Millennial Convention Brunch

As an avid bruncher, there is nothing like taking part in a brunch that highlights young, black state representatives pushing to make a change in underprivileged communities and more. It definitely sits on its own throne away from other brunches that I’ve taken part in. As I walked into the Mandarin Hotel, I was kindly directed to a room filled with black excellence and a panel that was moderated by Erika Alexander (who I love from the hit sitcom Living Single).

I was invited to this brunch by my friend Riana Sherwood who is currently studying law so this environment was definitely up her alley.

Riana kept it peachy in peach dress with neckline embellishments and I wore light pink pants with a white top that features peachy floral embroidery.

I love empowering brunches filled with like-minded people such as the Black Millennial Convention Brunch and I’m so grateful to able to attend!

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