The Black in Fashion Council Will Increase Diversity in Fashion and Beauty

It warms my heart to see Lindsay Peoples Wagner and Sandrine Charles announce the Black in Fashion Council! I became aware of Lindsay Peoples Wagner in 2018 when she interviewed a ton of black people in the fashion industry in order to shed light on what its like to be black in fashion. The statements were very raw and honest. The article described how I felt about the fashion industry so naturally, I shared it back then. To see Lindsay Peoples team up with Sandrine Charles to create the Black in Fashion Council is a no brainer. It’s a long time coming.

With pro-blackness currently trending, there’s been a lot of lip service about the support for black people, yet the same companies claiming that they stand with us barely hire black people. Many of the few that trickle into these companies tend to feel like its an unsafe environment. I’m excited to see the Black in Fashion Council hold fashion and beauty companies accountable by demanding long term equality for black people in hiring practices as well as the overall culture of the company being a safe place for black people.

I’m super excited for the Black in Fashion Council launch this July!

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