Bikini Season

Besides days easily turning into mornings being my favorite part of summer, I also love being able to wear a bikini as much as I want! Since bikini season is upon us, you might want to join in with the fun and have a look at a wrap bikini top that you’ll be sure to turn heads in when you’re on the beach this summer.

This bikini is an oldie but goodie. My new bikinis are a bit more intricate and I felt like keeping it simple so I threw this one on so I can comfortably dip my toe in the sand.

I’m not really into going to the beach in the morning or afternoon as that’s when the weather is hottest, neither do I like it at night. I prefer frolicking in the sand during the early evening around the time of the golden hour.

Since I’m still in love with these blue reflective Quay Sunnies, I knew I had to throw it on and pair the look with the Fenty Stunna Lip Paint (my current fave red lip).

Some may feel uncomfortable with wearing makeup at the beach but I say its okay to throw on a bit of makeup if you don’t plan on getting your face wet.

I can’t wait for the beach parties that are to come this summer!


What type of bikinis do you wear to the beach?

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