The Best Holiday Party! | Sequins & Fur

I recently attended a holiday party that was fun beyond what I imagined. With no expectations as it was a new environment for me, I ended up having such an amazing time surrounded by amazing people. I had to pull out a sequin dress which is a holiday staple.

I previously wore this jacket to the Macys Red fashion show about 2 years ago and figured it was time to whip it back out again.

This sequin dress is very similar to the dress I wore last December to bring in 2017.

What I love about this jacket is the fur stole that it came with, adding a bit of glam to the look.

Many tend to stray away from bold accessories when wearing sequins but I love making the look bigger and better so I accessorized with a big silver necklace and tassel earrings.

Because I believe you can never glisten too much, Pulling out one of my oldies but goodies was essential so I grabbed my glitter envelope clutch.

Keeping it simple with the shoes, I knew grey suede pumps would suffice.

I had such a great time with amazing people.

This month has included some of the most fonded memories of this year and I’m so grateful!


What have you been enjoying most this year?

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10 Thoughts to “The Best Holiday Party! | Sequins & Fur”

  1. Girl, the whole outfit is amazing! I am obsessed with sequins and loving this dress! so so pretty and perfect for new year’s eve!

  2. That is one pretty dress. I need a party invite so I can get a new dress like this.

  3. Everything about this is gorgeous. I love that lip color on you too!

  4. Oh my goodness this dress has me swooning! It’s absolutely beautiful. I swear I would wear this every day if I had it.

  5. What a fun look! I love the classic and vintage style of the coat… that fur is fierce!

  6. LavandaMichelle

    You truly look stunning and ready to enjoy yourself. everything about that outfit is amazing.

  7. Diana

    These whole outfit is amazing! I love that lip color on you too!

  8. Girl, you look fabulous. Love the dress!

  9. You look awesome, love your jacket and accessories. Fabulous look !!

  10. mei redillas

    I like your dress! simplicity is a beauty!

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