Befitting Picks | Obsessing Over This Sequins Find!

Sometimes I wonder why I gravitate towards things that are out of the norm. Who on earth would see a shoe covered in sequins and instantly fall in love?! Me of course! Mary Janes can be a bit plain but not these! Dolce Gabbana scored big time by creating a shoe that has a style as plain as Mary Janes but a detail as beautiful as sequins.

I think I love sequins because I love shiny things! I instantly become a kid in a candy store. I’m that girl that would throw on a sequins blazer for a regular day of running errands. Its no biggie… just another blazer. I believe that no matter what you do with your look, your shoes are very important!


I initially wanted another pair of shoes as its embellished with rhinestones in the front while being covered with sequins but there are only two sizes left making it impossible for me to get it.


Sad that I couldn’t get it, I fell in love with the next best thing!


It has no embellishments but still covered in sequins so it works!


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One Thought to “Befitting Picks | Obsessing Over This Sequins Find!”

  1. I love sequins too. Who whouldn.t love it too. I will rather prefer the sequins shoe with rhinestones . Have fun Oyin, God bless you. Amen.

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