The Bathing Suit You Need For Staycations and Vacations

I recently discovered Asherah Swim and I’m completely in love! This week we’re talking about swimwear because summer started late so why not be prepped and ready for your next staycation/vacation with chic swim! I’m excited to bring back Befitting Picks with a fab bikini! Not only is Asherah a fabulous black-owned brand providing swimwear but Cheryl “Cejae” Jones also designs athletic wear for the brand. I am currently in love with the Henna Bikini! With the bottom and the top meeting perfectly at the small of the waist, you can’t go wrong with this criss cross style which seems to be Cejae’s signature as several of her swim features variations of this chic design.

With the bikini top priced at $105 and the bottom retailing for $120, this bikini costs $225. Made in Dallas, Texas at the Asherah studios, Cejae is hands on with every piece that she designs. Because each item is hand cut and made to order, its definitely worth every penny.


As a DIY fanatic, I will always appreciate when a brand creates every piece in-house.

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