Are Cape Dresses Still A Thing?

Are cape dresses still a thing? Cape dresses were all the rage a few years ago and now it seems like its just a part of history. It’s previous popularity came at no surprise as cape dresses fit a variety of body types. While some people only wear trending styles while they’re trending, I’m quite the opposite. I tend to wait till a trend dies down before I dabble in it and I only dabble in styles that I love. With that being said, I’ve always loved cape dresses. Because cape dresses compliment many body types, I’ll be showing you different ways to style cape dresses this week.

This Calvin Klein Cape Dress is an oldie but goodie that I actually forgot about it right after I bought it. As I cleaned my home and prepared for the new year, I stumbled upon this cape dress. I knew I had to throw it on as soon as I get to go out (which is rare nowadays due to the pandemic).

The only thing I would have changed with this look is pairing it with a gold or plain black belt as well as gold shoes.

I wouldn’t be Oyinkan if I didn’t share that the background of these images isn’t really up to my standard for this imagery but I guess this is what I get for taking pictures in the restaurant parking lot lol! But we move & make it work haha!

Strutted in Sam Edelman’s shoes and stored my essentials in a Nordstrom bag (which I’m not too fond of since the strap broke shortly after purchasing it). Its only right that I throw on the Sweater Weather Earring from the Befitting Style Ife Collection with this look.

History tends to repeat itself so will you be wearing cape dresses in the near future?

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