Keeping Neon Alive

I’ve loved neon my entire life so the new surge of neon somewhat turned me off as many trends turn me off especially when its something I’ve taken part of for a long period of time. Part of me wonders if many will continue to opt for neon during the fall as fall tends to bring out many neutrals. I find it interesting that many switched out their neutrals for such bold, glow in the dark hues which would be the complete opposite of what they would opt for all…

Will Floral Prints Ever Go Out of Style?

I grew up loving floral prints simply because I’ve always loved flowers so naturally as an adult, I’m still drawn to floral patterns. Florals have been a staple in the fashion industry long before I even came on this earth but I sometimes wonder if it’ll come and go like many other things. What I love most about this floral dress is also what I dislike the most about this dress – the tiny buttons placed vertically down the middle. I love the aesthetic it creates and how polished tiny…

Casual Pastel

It’s beginning to feel a bit more like winter. I find the drastic weather changes to be so interesting. Some may be bothered by it because it confuses them when getting dressed but I actually love it! To be able to go from wearing short sleeves on christmas eve to wearing sweaters and fur vests a couple of weeks later is actually fun. If you’re not new to this blog then you already know that I love

How I Wear Layers In The Summer

Summertime calls for skin, skin, and more skin! So you may wonder how on earth can I possibly wear layers in this heat? As everyone is showing different ways to show skin, here I am presenting you with a post about layers in the summer. You probably think I’m crazy but bare with me. There is a definite way to wear layers in the summer without feeling hotter than usual.