8 Black Women Owned Businesses You Should Know

Happy International Women’s Day! For me, every day is a great day to celebrate women but for this special day, its only right that I highlight 8 black women-owned businesses you should know about! From skincare to lifestyle and so much more, here are some amazing brands founded by phenomenal black women!


I’ve been watching Lailah Jean on YouTube for years. When the Ghanian beauty launched a skincare line 3 years ago, I knew it would be amazing because of all the wonderful whipped shea butter she’s made on YouTube for so long. The London-based Alchemist has expanded the brand to include serums and a few other products.


I found Anamarie Henry on Instagram and instantly loved her. She’s always been so kind to me and supportive of Befitting Style. When I layed my eyes on her handmade soaps, I immediately fell in love with them because they’re plant-based and reminds me of cake (weird right? LOL). Ana’s soaps are composed of body butter and essential oils.


Sun Roots Skin is a freshly launched skincare brand that currently offers shea butter and oils. As a fashion model, Xiara Waller is exposed to a variety of beauty techniques and she’s very passionate about natural skin products so I’m very excited to see what the future holds for Sun Roots Skin.


Forvr Mood is no stranger to Befitting Style but I’m just so excited for Jackie Aina! She went from YouTubing to running a brand with candles selling out so fast that it led to tens of thousands of people on the waitlist. When you see something you like at Forvr Mood, grab it fast because it may be sold out the following day.


Created by Ochanya Ogwuche (also known as Sarah), Brand N Art works with graphic designers to build brands from the ground up! I’m so proud of Sarah and all that she’s doing. The best part is she consults with Christ along the way so she can work with her clients the Kingdom Way.


I’ve been familiar with Blavity for a few years and what sparked my interest is how they continuously honor black people doing amazing things and consistently speak out about issues affecting black people. Morgan DeBaun built Blavity from the ground up while working in Silicon Valley. According to CNBC, she has raised “$11 million in venture capital funding” for Blavity.


Although I’ve mentioned Twelve AM in the Last Minute Gift Guide as well as the Black Owned Fashion Brands post, its only right that I include her yet again! There aren’t too many black women-owned shoe brands so it is imperative that when we see one, we constantly highlight them. I’m low key just hoping someone sees this and takes it as a sign to create the business they’ve always desired.


Maddie May is no stranger to the entertainment industry. After working with P.Diddy, she decided to venture off into making her entrepreneurial dreams come true. She created EMVE Management Group as a resource for brands then began Wifey right after. As a lover of pink, the branding for this wine is perfection (biased lol)! I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle of Wifey.

Cheers to always celebrating black women and I hope you’re having an amazing International Women’s Day!

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    Unbelievable. I love them all. I hope and pray that by this time next year, the number will be in thousand . Befitting style is owned by a business woman, hand made gorgeous designer’s earrings at a reasonable price. Thanks Oyin, God bless you. Amen

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