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In order to be taken seriously in some places of employment, you have to dress the part. The reality is sometimes a person is great at what they do but the way they dress keeps them from getting that well deserved raise. It sucks but its true. When two employees are equally great, yet one dresses the part and the other one is more-so lack luster with their attire, who do you think is going to be celebrating that new increase in their salary?

Wearing a power look will amp up the respect you’re given at work. I’m not saying wear one every single day, but at least on the days that consist of the big time meetings. Switch out of those jeans and t-shirt and opt for wide leg pants, culottes and blazers.

This silk floral printed blazer is an easy way to ease into wearing a power look. The navy and pink combination is no stranger to many and it’s a happy medium for those who may feel like wearing darker colors because its fall as well as those who are more like me and constantly need brights in their lives.



Pairing this pink blazer with deep purple silk pants not only provides a power look but also brings comfortability.



For those who are ready to dive right in, this is for you. Grab a pair of wide leg black trousers and pair it with a black and gold printed blazer.



Who said you can’t wear this much color when wearing a power look?! If you’ve been in love with culottes like I have, then this look is probably for you. This high waisted culotte filled with printed blue and orange leaves paired with a cropped blazer will not only show that you’re serious about being taken seriously but also shows that your color blocking game is on point!



While none of these looks can be worn when working on Wall street or any other strict cooperate job but they can definitely be worn at the jobs that allow a bit of color and flare.

Have a Befitting Week!

Which power look is your favorite?

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20 Thoughts to “4 Perfect Power Looks | Befitting Week”

  1. I am trying to take everything in. The high wasted, low wasted, color block, dark and bright colors, they are all awesome. Your suggestion of people getting out of their she’ll once in a while is true and right. You earn more respect with the way you dress. Don’t say I don’t care, try it and you will realize that you care when you earn the respect. This is a food for a thought from Oyin. God bless you. Amen.

  2. allison

    Beautiful looks! I will check these out. I really love the last one!

  3. Those are great outfits but my coup de coeur is the military suede boots by Dolce & Gabbana! I could even wear them with clean-cut jeans and a smart top. 🙂

  4. Wow, great job on these power looks ! Those Saint Laurent floral booties are AMAZING !

  5. I love these outfits! What gorgeous colors. That pink blazer is extra fabulous.

  6. WoW! All these nice and fashioned design clothes look amazing. Loving the purses too.

  7. I love those’s outfits and those shoes!!!! Wow!!! I wish I could wear this sort of thing to work, unfortunately for me it’s a boring uniform.

    Lennae xxx

  8. I’m loving the bold designs in each look! My favorite is the first one!

  9. Great looks! Its true about what you wear and how much you make because perception is reality. I really like that pink skirt that you are wearing in your profile do your remember where you purchased it?

    1. Oyinkan

      Thank you! No I do not remember where I purchased it as I’ve had it for at least 2 years now but you can get a similar one Here , or this other One , as well as this One . I hope these 3 options help out. They’re very similar to the one I have.

  10. blair villanueva

    I would like to grab everything here! I love them all ????

  11. I love that culotte. I don’t, nor I ever, have had to dress for work and I feel it’s both a blessing and a curse. I would love to wear those styles, they’re beautiful and trendy and as a stay at home mom I seriously live in yoga pants and maxi dresses but also I don’t know if I was working if I could stop shopping!

  12. I have never been good at colour blocking but these outfits are totally on point especially the first one.

  13. I love these outfits! In particular the blue and brown skirt and the pink pants! Beautiful!

  14. I love everything here! My closet needs these pieces.

  15. I love the patterns and colors. Great put togethers…you have a great eye!

  16. Hey Girl! Love the outfits! Especially the black blazer with the Gold Love it!? & the Shoes! OMG!

    You have a great blog! ThnQ for this post!

    Hugzzz Miss B.?

    1. Oyinkan

      Thanks girl!

  17. Ana

    Those are great outfits and liked the blend of vibrant colors and the way you’ve styled them!

  18. I like all of these outfits. I’m so glad the colors are bright.

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