36 Under- $100 Mules To Keep You Obsessed Through Spring | Befitting Steals

As you may already know, I’ve been in love with mules lately so I’m excited to slide in and out of spring with some super chic mules! If you’re just as excited as I am, you’re in luck! Because mules are currently all the rage, it’s only right that I bring you several options that are pocket friendly. With 36 options that are under $100, there’s no need to break the bank with these mules!

If you’re into bright colors like I am, these mules are for you! Easily perfecting your color blocking needs, one bright  mule at a time.


(Tip: Hover over the item for the price. Click on it for full details.)

Although I recently wrote about neutral mules, it’s only fair that I still provide you with several other options within this post!

Neutral Mule-Mules-Weekly-Steals-Befitting-Style.

Whether you like your black mules embellished or plain, pick up a dark mule to neutralize your looks (browns and grays aren’t the only neutrals).


Which mule is your favorite?

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109 Thoughts to “36 Under- $100 Mules To Keep You Obsessed Through Spring | Befitting Steals”

  1. LOVE this post! I am currently crushing on mules! They are perfect for spring! 🙂

    Sincerely Miss J

    1. Yesss mules are a must!

  2. OMG, I love all of those! I’m generally not a clothes horse, but Mules are my kryptonite. I have about 10 pair. They are the best shoes EVAH!

    1. Yessss girl! How can anyone not obsess!

  3. Oh my gush, I love mules both for spring and summer. As a matter of fact, I love it all year round. They are gorgeous, beautiful and sexy. You will always make statement when you enter a room with mules on. Enjoy yourself Oyin, God will certainly bless you IJN. Amen.

  4. Chasity L Boatman

    I LOVE neutral mules. Super chic and they match with so many outfits. They’re great for my young professional meetings.

    1. Yessss definitely! Glad you like it!

  5. Those grey mules with the bow are calling my name! Love them!

    1. OMG they’re literally one of my faves. Sucks that they don’t have it in my size anymore.

  6. Definitely need a pair, these are super cute!

    Thivy Michelle

  7. GAH! There are so many here I MUST have! Thanks for showing off your pics! I may have to grab a pair or ten!

    1. LOL! or 10?! LOL I understand!

  8. I have been obsessing over mules this season (I know, pretty early on into Spring but what can I say!). I love your choices!

  9. I NEED the gray ones with the bow! they are to die for. I’m off to shop now!!!!

  10. These are great picks. My favorite are the floral slippers.

  11. I’ve never owned a pair of mules in my life. In fact you just taught me the proper word for these shoes so thank you I like the fuzzy ones.

    1. haha! Glad you learned something new!

  12. I am loving all of these! After the long winter here I am so ready for some nice new shoes!

  13. Victoria Heckstall

    Personally, I love to wear them with ripped jeans and a tunic, but they can also be dressed up with a fun dress. This pair is super comfortable – so they would be perfect shoes to wear on a night out on the town!

    1. Yesss girl! I would actually love to see it!

  14. robin Rue

    Those are all super cute. I would love to own one of each of these.

  15. Those are some very cute shoes! Gotta get me a couple pairs!

  16. Mules are so cute! I am the worst in high heels though, so I need support at the back – I’d probably faceplant if not haha.

    1. Oh no!!! I totally understand.

  17. I recently just got myself a pair of mules but they’re flats so this will be a nice update!! SO versatile and trendy too! <3


  18. Oh my goodness I love all of these! I think I need the pink fur pair! XO

  19. Oh my gosh I love these choices. I’ve been dying for a pair but wondering – do you have any problems keeping them on or walking in them? So many cute options but wanted to know before ordering any:)

    1. I have no problem keeping them on. The mules that I own stays put!

  20. natalie

    I am horrible at heels but these might be easier than some I have tried. I love the floral ones!

    1. These should be easier because I find mules to be very comfortable.

  21. Kathy

    These are all such nice shoes. I’m not one to really wear heels. I need to keep practicing more walking in them!

  22. uprunforlife

    Those are cute shoes. I wish that I could wear a few of these. Heels are not my friend though.

  23. Cathy

    I’ve always found mules difficult to walk in. I belive it’s because I have such a high arch on my foot, I’ve just never found a pair that feels comfortable to walk in. I may check into some of these in stores to see if they can fit correctly, because they are SO CUTE!

  24. I am absolutely LOVING those embroidered mules!!! They are too cute–and I can already picture what I’m going to be wearing them with 🙂

    1. Awesome! Glad you love it!

  25. There are so many cute shoes out there that will never be on my feet. I wish I was a little more graceful so I could wear them.

  26. Love this style. I love my clogs so these are perfect for spring.

  27. My favorite ones are the snake skin and the black open toed shoes. Very fancy.

  28. adriana

    Those gray bow mules are EVERYTHING! I love them so much! I’m loving mule heels and espadrilles especially this spring. They’re so cute!

    1. Sooo cute! Glad you love it!

  29. I really need to buy a pair of mules for spring. I love how versatile they are, particularly when the weather is constantly changing like it is here in Toronto this year.

    1. Yeah they are super perfect for fluctuating weather.

  30. Oh my goodness I absolutely adore them all, I think my favourite have to be the grey ones with the bow.

    1. Glad you love them 🙂

  31. Jenn

    Those are great shoes for spring. I love how comfortable, but fashionable they are!

    1. Literally the 2 best things about a shoe!

  32. These are so cute! the problem is I love them all I couldn’t choose.

    1. LOL! I understand girl!

  33. I’ve never been one for backless shoes. I love the look, but they always slip off my feet. The only backless shoes I can wear are sandals. These make me want to try again!

  34. I can’t wear mules to save my life. But I love the look of them! Some of these are gorg!

  35. I love the printed one and also the nude mules. Perfect wear for the spring season. So fashionable.

    1. Super fashionable. Glad you love it.

  36. Mules are my favorite shoes to wear. I love easy shoes to put on when I’m this pregnant, lol. Those floral embroidered ones are just adorable.

    1. congratulations!! I’m not even surprised that mules are your favorite!

  37. It would be nice to have all of those shown and while we’re at it a new walk in shoe closet please! HA! love the mule styles : )

    1. Never hurts to ask! LOL!

  38. They are all so pretty! My favourite pair is the black with flowers – absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you glad you love it

  39. wow, such a beautiful collection my favorites the grey one, back I would buy the black ones because they can be combined with everything.

    1. I actually think gray pairs better with more looks than black. Black doesn’t combine with everything. Glad you love them!

  40. Elizabeth O.

    Mules are perfect for Spring and Summer! They’re so stylish and comfy as well. I think it’s awesome to be able to get a pair that’s so pretty and still be able to save a few bucks.

    1. Yess it’s always great to save a coin!

  41. Hannah Marie

    I am honestly not a fashionista so this is the first time I heard about Mules. I like all the designs but I love the plain ones, it’s Spring ready 🙂

    1. Yes girl! i’m glad you know what mules are now.

  42. These are all such fabulous picks + great deals as well! I don’t have any shoes like this; I need some for Spring!

  43. This might be a stupid question but..are these types of shoes called mules? I’ve never heard that term before, lol.

    1. It’s not a stupid question. Yes they are called mules.

  44. I love these colors for spring. I also really like the peep toe styled shoes.

    1. Thanks glad you love it

  45. Love the gray pair! Such a fun style to add a chic touch to jeans!

  46. I am all about mules this season and those snakeskin pair are calling my name as well as the yellow pair!

    1. Yessss! Glad you’re all about it!

  47. I’m loving these heels. They look flirty yet classy.

    1. Yesss they can literally be worn throughout the day and night

  48. I’ll take one of each. Mules will be my spring shoe this year.

  49. Those mules are so elegant looking. They look fashionable and good for formal or informal gatherings. It is so difficult to choose which I like the best.

    1. Mules are super versatile!!!

  50. Jay Simms

    Those grey ones in the second group, the very first ones.. oh my goodness!! They are screaming my name!

  51. Moles are animals for me…(i know its with a “u”) I will forward it to my girlfriend, Im very sure shes gona like your ideas…

    1. Okay thanks for passing it along.

  52. Taty Pradilla

    I have never really liked these types of shoes, but I have to reconsider. I am loving all of these bright colors!

  53. Those yellow and red shoes are my favourite. I love bright colours especially during spring. I think a green would be cool too. 😉

    1. A green one would definitely be cool as well!

  54. These are awesome. I kinda like the yellow for a pop of Spring color but I would probably be more likely to buy something in black for all year wear.

  55. eazynazy

    I loved all these collection..You really have a very good list

  56. Those grey ones with the bow are adorable. And most of the black ones also. I love mules!

  57. Sanket

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