30 Winter Dresses Under $90 | Weekly Steals

It may still be fall but the weather is drastically beginning to lean towards winter. Whenever the weather drastically changes, its my duty to bring you something new that can refresh your mind (and your closet). If you don’t have much to wear this winter and you’re tired of your clothes from last winter, consider these winter dresses. I find that getting dressed during the winter is not as much fun as getting dressed during the warmer months because of the limited options that the cold weather allows.  I love dresses because its one and done. No need to find another piece of clothing that pairs with it. It makes it easier to get dressed as all you need is a coat or jacket. Another great thing about winter dressing is that it presents the opportunity to wear the warmest and coziest sweater dresses. It always helps to save money especially when filling up your closet with new dresses. Most of these dresses are on sale as they are all under $90. I guess you can consider this an early start to your black Friday sale shopping.

Ive been into turtlenecks lately. While it makes any look chic, I usually go for turtlenecks during the winter when I don’t feel like wearing a scarf.


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Not a fan of turtle necks? Try these other winter dresses.



Which one is your favorite?

Cover Image: Alina Gelzina

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45 Thoughts to “30 Winter Dresses Under $90 | Weekly Steals”

  1. So many cute options! I need to stock up on more winter clothes.

  2. I love that velvet dress! It is so pretty and chic! Would be perfect for a holiday party!
    xo Jessica

  3. The sweater dress options you found are perfection! While I do love a good turtleneck dress, sweater dresses will always get my attention!!


  4. These dresses are so pretty and will be so great for holiday parties. The long red dress is totally up my alley and it’s not expensive at all. I gotta get it!!! Great post, love!

    Danielle | FollowMyGut.com <3

  5. These dresses are beautiful and affordable. Believe me , you can’t go wrong with any one you decide to go with. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. God bless you Oyin IJN. Amen

  6. LOVE these winter dresses… especially because I am the girl who cannot do turtlenecks haha… love the off the shoulder look!

  7. I love the “off the shoulder” sweater dress! That is my type of dress, especially living in New England. It feels like winter already.

    1. Yeah I understand. This north east weather is not to be played with.

  8. Very cute! Great round up. I see a couple I might have to buy! Love a good winter dress.

  9. Super cute dresses. Love the blue sweater dress.

  10. LOVE the sweater dresses!! Especially because they go so great with thigh high boots! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading 🙂

  11. Love a sweater dress this time of year. Thinking I need one of those burgundy ones for the upcoming holiday celebration.

  12. The blue dress is cute..especially during winter when Fashion is not of main concern…

  13. It’s so funny how these trends are recycled over time. I never expected turtlenecks to come back in style, especially paired with velvet! It reminds me of the dresses I used to wear as a kid. I’m surprised to find myself loving velvet all over again…especially in skirts and accessories! Also loving the sweater dresses on this list.

    1. Yes fashion always recycle! Thats why you keep everything lol!

  14. All such cute dresses! Gotta start looking for some for those holiday parties coming up!

    1. Yes!!! Perfect for the holidays 🙂

  15. I love all these picks! The velvet dress is sooo perfect for the holidays!

    Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/skincare-product-review-dear-klairs/

  16. Oh my gosh the sweater dress with the ruffles has my heart!


  17. Anosa

    I am not one for turtle necks so the second set of dresses are what I am loving big time.

  18. Ola

    Whoa! That baby blue sweater dress!! Yes please! But I definitely need some leggings under it.

    1. The baby blue one is one of my favorites! Love the ruffles!

  19. These are all so lovely. All the colors are gorgeous.

  20. blair villanueva

    Its very hard to choose which one I love because I want them all!

  21. Beautiful dresses, I wish it was winter in my part of the world.

    Lennae xxx

  22. Very cute options. I need to lose weight so I look good in a dress. Lol.

  23. Very cute! Any of them would work great for an upcoming holiday party.

  24. I am a big fan of turtlenecks and I love wearing them with high boots in winter.

  25. These are really cute dresses. I’m loving the velvet trend going on now.

  26. All these diseases are just right for winter .
    Affordable and great.Love the powder blue wool dress.

  27. CourtneyLynne

    Omg so many fabulous dresses!!!!! I need new winter dresses so bad!!!

    1. Thanks I’m glad you like what you see 🙂

  28. Tine

    I really want to go dress shopping now! Never tried a turtle neck dress before actually..

  29. Those dresses are lovely! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  30. Love that ASOS ruffle sweater dress! I love that all these dresses are so affordable!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  31. Sweater dresses are my favourite! I love these ones here, they are so cosy and warm for winter.

  32. So much great style inspiration in this post! I’m a big fan of having a dress-heavy wardrobe, they’re so easy and versatile. I especially love that long red dress with the high collar, so classy!

    1. I love having a dress-heavy wardrobe as well. Dresses are my fave! 🙂

  33. This was actually so helpful!!! I have a winter graduation coming up and have yet to decide what to wear. haha thanks for the help!

    1. Congrats on graduating! Glad I can help 🙂

  34. Love these pics, these are great! Love the sweater dresses and the alternatives to turtle necks!

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