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My love for basket bags derives from being from beautiful Nigeria. I’m sharing 30 basket bags under $100 because as a little kid, I watched huge basket bags get used to transport items because it wasn’t just a statement piece for the sake of having a fashion sense; it was and still is a way of life. In my adult years, I utilize basket bags for the sole purpose of being stylish. Preferring small bags over big ones, I tend to opt for shoulder bags or clutches that can only hold my essentials. At this point, my use of a basket bag is far from what I watched members of my community in Nigeria use it for.

Because I wear basket bags for style purposes only, I don’t need to put as much thought into which one to purchase and I love that!

Basket bags aren’t just for the summer. They also look fabulous for the fall as most bags are offered in a beautiful brown hue.

Whether you prefer big or small bags, here are my picks of fabulous basket bags under $100!

Which bag is your favorite?

Cover Image: Gizelle Renée

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    I love those baskets, they are really lovely. It’s difficult to pick a particular one, they are all lovely. Bigger basket in Nigeria is being used to carry luggage or for storage or to display goods. Thanks Oyin, God will bless you. Amen

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