30 Under-$30 Accessories To Keep You Bright This Season | Weekly Steals

Happy Spring!! Today marks the first day of spring and I am super excited that my favorite season is already here and I’m ready to kick off spring with 30 accessories under $30 to keep you bright this season. When many think of spring apparel, bright colors come to mind. Whether you usually opt for neutrals or brights, vibrant hues still crosses your mind as the flowers around you begin to blossom.

Update: Befitting Style’s first collection of accessories is releasing October 29, 2020. Sign up for discounts now so you can save and slay.

For my neutral lovers, the contemplation of whether one should even indulge in such a style is completely understandable. You’re used to keeping things simple and bright colors may be a bit much for you. If you are fully committed to wearing neutrals, try a bright accessory. What I love about opting for bright accessories is it allows you to step into wearing something bright without the full commitment that bright apparel brings.

Whether you choose to opt for a bright earring or necklace, liven up your look with at least one bright accessory (and save a coin while doing it).


(Tip: Hover over the item for the price. Click on it for full details.)




Which bright accessory would you go for this spring?

Cover Image: Turbanista

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122 Thoughts to “30 Under-$30 Accessories To Keep You Bright This Season | Weekly Steals”

  1. I love how colorful they all are! Its spring colors time and I am ready!

  2. You have some beautiful ideas here! I love that they’re all under $30 also! It’s my favorite are the earrings that you have picked out. Earrings are always my favorite to wear!

    1. Awesome! Glad you love it!

  3. Those are such gorgeous pieces! I chunky jewelry full of color! The priced is right, too! Yay!

  4. I love all the turquoise accessory pieces! One of my favorite stones and so bright for spring!

  5. I love eye-catching clothes and accessories so the shirt and the red necklace are both favorites for me. And I love the thought of warmer weather!

    1. Awesome! So do I! Warm weather is the best!

  6. Alexandra

    I’m a necklace fan and there are two here that have to go on my wish list. So affordable! (Thank you for having the pricing on hover instead of a link!!)

    1. LOL! You welcome girl!

  7. Crystal Marie

    Cute picks. I love those purple earrings

    1. Great! Gald you love it!

  8. OH, I love the necklace (left on bottom row). It is so feminine and I love the colors. Now the first necklace (large photo), screams out for my daughter-in-law. This is exactly the type of necklace that she loves. There are a couple of bracelets that I could go for and the Aloha Sunshine bag is adorable.

    1. LOL! Super adorbs! Glad you daughter in law would love it.

  9. OMG that aloha sunshine bag is too cute!
    Allison from http://www.mercuteify.com

  10. Ohmygosh – the floral bag, that bag is everything. I can’t stop thinking about it. It needs to be in my hands right now 🙂 I love your site, its amazing. I also love how women can be so into accessories, just makes them even more beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much!! Yessss accessories finishes off a look!

  11. I love all the bright pops of color! Those earrings are my favorite!

  12. Oh I love posts like these! So many fun earrings in your season steals!

  13. Love the tassle pieces! I finally got a colorful tassel necklace and I can’t wait to wear it!

    1. Awesome! I’d love to see how you style it.

  14. These pieces look beautiful! But I don’t know if I could do them! They are far too bold for me!!

    1. Understandable. Thanks for checking it out!

  15. I love the huge red necklace. It’s such a great statement piece.

  16. Safaniya Stevenson

    The pineapple purse is super cute. I’m also feeling those lavender tassel earrings. So festive for spring and summer!

    1. Awesome! Glad you love them!

  17. I am totally a necklace person so those statement necklaces are my taste! I want to start sporting earrings, and I love the ones you featured.

    1. Stepping out of the comfort zone is always great! I’d love to see how you embark on combining earrings and necklaces!

  18. I love those clutches & the necklaces! Some great finds here!

  19. Claudia Krusch

    I need to get a few new necklaces for summer. I am in love with the big chunky earrings and necklaces.

  20. I am such a bracelet addict! I really love the mint colored one! It would go perfectly with so many of my outfits!

    1. Thanks. Glad you love it!

  21. I love jumkyy necklaces, they always make statement in any gathering. Ironically, these accessories are bright colors, who wouldn’t love them. They are all beautifui and sharp. Thanks Oyin, God bless you. . Amen

  22. I am loving all the accessories this season! All the colour is fantastic.

  23. I love the colorful necklaces! These are great finds and I can’t believe they are under $30.

  24. Gotta love accessories under $30! I really love the colourful bag ?

    1. Awesome. Glad you love it!

  25. Wow,you have eyes for good things.i like the selections you have here

  26. robin Rue

    I almost always have a necklace on! I love that statement red necklace you have here.

    1. So do I girl! Necklaces are a must!

  27. I love love love jewelry, these colors are awesome!! I have a ton but need some with a variety of colors. Will have to look at these!!

    1. Yes girl! Thank you!

  28. I’m a bold color kind of girl so I love spring. Yellow is my favorite one. It looks so good on brown skin.

    1. Yellow looks amazing on darker skintones!

  29. Victoria Heckstall

    What anbeautiful accessories! I love those stylish accessories. Glad you shared it.

  30. Kathy

    I love these accessories. They’re all such beautiful pieces. I really like the first necklace that is shown.

  31. Got to love statement necklaces and fun, bright bags like those!

  32. uprunforlife

    I love the necklaces. Personally, I don’t wear a ton of accessories. I am not a huge jewelry fan. Most of the time, I wear just my wedding rings.

    1. I have those days as well… where I choose to be minimal with accessories!

  33. Such pretty necklaces. I would have a hard time choosing one.

  34. I love, love, love the necklace varieties. I’m so happy to see all of these bright, spring colors once again. Winter can be so blah. And you can not beat under $30 prices!

    1. Thank you! I’m so excited for spring!

  35. All these accessories are so spectacular! We are swooning over all the different color bracelets !

  36. I love purple earrings. They are so cool and all are so beautiful and only under $30 that is amazing.

    1. Thank you. Glad you love it!

  37. I love the necklaces. I can barely wait for the weather to get better and make use of all my jewellery.

  38. rika

    Beautiful necklaces.. I love the colors and designs, perfect for Spring!

  39. Loving all of the affordable statement pieces you included. I need to wear mine more often!

    1. Yess girl! Wear it more often!

  40. These are great ideas and great deals! I love pops of color and I also don’t think you can go wrong with a great statement necklace!

    1. Can’t go wrong with one!

  41. I love all the different pieces of jewelry. They’re all so bright and pretty!

  42. Super cute accessories, I am in need of some new spring jewelry.

    1. Now you have a few options to choose from. Glad you like it.

  43. Gabriel Bregg

    A good collection of accessories can really add some diversity to every wardrobe. Bright and bold is the way to go, IMO.

  44. Courtney B

    Loving these! I definitly like the second necklace you posted it is so unique and fun.

    1. Great! Glad you love it!

  45. adriana

    Statement earrings are my favorite lately! I can’t get enough – they make styling outfits so much fun and dress up simpler looks! Love your picks!

  46. I’m shocked at how pretty these are!! I’m totally in love with that florak bag

  47. Really cute selection. I like the mini bags. I need a new makeup bag and they seem like a great option! Thanks for sharing

    1. Would totally be a great option!

  48. Love all the colourful selections!

  49. I like the turquoise necklace but it is sold-out already. It looks simple and trendy. I love the color too!

    1. Yeah things go fast sometimes. Glad you like it.

  50. I love those bracelets and bangles. I love bright, colorful ones and I have a lot of them at home. However, I think there is no such thing as having too many bracelets, so I will go and check on these ones you posted. All of them are lovely!

    1. LOL! I totally agree with you. You can never have too many accessories!

  51. Elizabeth O.

    These don’t even look like they’re under $30! I love the colors as well, they’re perfect for the season.

  52. Jay Simms

    I am loving all of these! They look like they would cost way more than $30!

  53. My wardrobe consists of mostly neutral pieces, so adding pops of color through accessories is my jam. Those light blue beaded bracelets with the gold leaves are my favorite!

    1. Yesss! Adding a pop of color is perfect for your neutral looks!

  54. Yassss! I love accessories. I love the first 4 necklaces in this post and all of the bags. I have the urge to do some sopping now 🙂

    1. LOL! I have the same urge every single day!

  55. MaryAnne

    Wow.. you can definetely get a stunning outfit wearing those amazing accesories! I just loved that flower bag! it is beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Glad you love it.

  56. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bright fun colors! It brightens everyones mood which is always a good thing! I love your whole collection you’ve shown, we must have the same taste : )

    1. Thanks. I’m glad we have the same taste!

  57. Bel

    I love the purses and the tiny dainty bangles. I do love the bright colours. they are very ‘happy’.

  58. E H

    The styles you are showcasing are simply excellent! Love the variety and all of the colors!

  59. Great picks! I love all the tassel earrings so much, super into them right now!

    1. Yess forever loving tassels!

  60. Rebecca Swenor

    These are some really awesome accessories to have for spring. I love the Me’ DUSA handbags and would love to get one in each color. Thanks for sharing the awesome colorful accessories for Spring

    1. You welcome! Thanks for checking it out. Glad you like it.

  61. I love all these bright colors. That top necklace is my favorite though. I love good statement necklaces.

  62. All of these picks are gorgeous. Such a great price point for these too!

    1. Thanks. Glad you like it.

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