3 Ways To Wear White Through Fall and Winter

Befitting Style Wear White After Labor Day 1

They say don’t wear white after Labor Day but I’ve never really learned the actual reason for why this is such a fashion faux pas. It’s one thing to say don’t dress a certain way because it may offend someone’s culture (as cultural attires have meaning behind them so it’s perfectly understandable and I totally agree), but it’s another thing to say don’t wear a certain color without ever explaining why (if anyone knows, please comment below). After Labor Day, the cooler seasons begin which leads me to believe that white is not so sort after for the chilly months. This is why wearing white through fall and winter never bothered me. I actually love it as it goes against the grain making you stand bright from the rest. Read on for 3 ways to wear white through fall and winter.

Shirt dresses help you keep it classic and chic, also allowing you to be preppy and casual at the same time. Pair a white shirt dress with black thigh high boots, while accessorizing with mixed metals!

 Befitting Style Wear White After Labor Day


Besides an all-white look, nothing screams white winter wonderland more than pairing white with glistening gold! Grab a long sleeve gold turtleneck and pair it with white ruffled crepe culottes. Overdose on gold with gold accessories including show-stopping sequin booties.

Befitting Style Wear White After Labor Day


Every woman needs at least one structured blazer in her closet. They’re great to wear to the office, easy to layer underneath for the winter and the only outerwear you need for fall. Pair this powerful white blazer with a plaid tweed mini skirt. Play up the gold buttons by throwing on gold and red accessories.

Befitting Style Wear White After Labor Day


Which look is your favorite?

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46 Thoughts to “3 Ways To Wear White Through Fall and Winter”

  1. I think wearing white is sophisticated. Love the ways you put it all together!

  2. White will never get old in fashion! It’s a refreshing color that anyone would look so fab in it!

  3. Very glamorous outfits, perfect for the holiday season. Love the red skirt!

  4. Though i love that red skirt with a Christmas feel but here white is really looking very sophisticated.

  5. Fascinated by how you paired white with red & black & it does look really festive, so assuming that was your goal … you definitely succeeded. Have a happy holiday

  6. White clothe is never out of fashion. I love the pair of white and red, especially for Christmas. Thanks for your sharing.

  7. I love wearing white in all the seasons and for me, I sometimes feel the choices are limited in winter. The white jacket with that plaid skirt looks so good, great ideas.

  8. Most of the dress in my closet are white or light colored. I think the color makes the dress appear even better. ?

    1. Colors make everything better lol

  9. You are giving us some great outfit suggestions! Thank you! I don’t think not wearing white after labour day is an actual rule, mostly a custom, and a North America Custom. I’m from South America and obviously the seasons are the opposite there, but I’ve been living in Europe for the past 15 years, where the seasons correspond with the US, and we don’t have such a “rule” here… go figure!

    1. Ohhhh that’s awesome for Europe! Milan has such a great style.

  10. I have always worn white in fall and winter, I’m not a fan of dark colors. I love the outfit suggestions!

    1. I always prefer brighter colors 🙂

  11. The accessories are my favorite items of everything here. So pretty. Definitely enhances the look. Very nice.

  12. I like the pairing of white with gold. I think it looks so pretty and nice for the holidays too!

  13. I loved each and every outfit in this post. I would love to have this good of taste in clothes.

  14. White is such a lovely color to wear! The white paired with gold is absolutely stunning and my favorite of all.

    1. Thank you. Glad you love it!

  15. These outfits are really great, you have a good eye for style. You don’t see much white around during winter.

    1. Yeah you really don’t. Thank you so much!

  16. I love white clothes, and its the best and favorite color for me.I love the pair of white and red, especially in this Christmas season. Thanks for your sharing.

    1. Thanks glad you love it!

  17. Faith Roxas

    I do really love to wear white in winter.Because of its fresh looks. and those outfits are really perfect to wear for winter. Loving those gold boots. So stylish and fashionable.

  18. That white balm sin blazer and tweed/plaid skirt ?. I wish the actual items from the designers didn’t have that price tag attached!

    1. haha! Don’t we all?! That’s why I have dupes available as well.

  19. Almost every outfit in this post seems good to me. Very attractive outfits, perfect for the Christmas season.

    1. Thank you! Glad you love it!

  20. Great ideas! I love white all year long.

  21. I just adore the third choice!

  22. Joanna

    I love the dress in the first look but I also like the third choice as well. I feel that you could go on a date with outfit number one and go to a party with number three. Lovely choices! 🙂

    1. Yesssssss thanks girl!

  23. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Wow! I like the combination which the white blazer is paired with a plaid tweed mini skirt. It looks so good.

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it!

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