3 Looks That’ll Wow Your Boo On Valentine’s Day

In this day and age, everyday commemorates one thing or another. When one thinks of the month of February, either Black History Month comes to mind or the day that is solely dedicated to showing appreciation for your significant other: Valentine’s Day.

We are a few days into February, meaning we are swiftly approaching the middle of the month. At this time, many of you may have already created set plans for Valentine’s Day. Whether you are love struck and anticipating a day full of love, or you may simply view it as just another day on the calendar, it’s still an excuse to look extra good – as if you ever needed a reason! If you do have a date or a loved one, then the chances are that you’ll be wanting to make sure your day ends like every good Valentine’s Day should! Buying something sexy, like some adult toys, will certainly help to make sure that happens. Some of the staff at Lovegasm have quite an unusual preference which you may find useful if you’re struggling to know what to buy. But ultimately, looking and feeling good is key, whatever your plans.

If you’re not one that’s prone to getting cold, opt for a thick blazer and pair it with a multi-colored mini skirt. Shield those legs with a pair of thigh high boots and topping it off with a crop top seals the deal.

Befitting Style Valentine's Day Lookbook Over the Knee Look


So you may not be into a monochrome red and pink look, which some may opt for on Valentine’s Day, but still want to keep things chic and find others ways to incorporate the colors. Dwell in velvet by throwing on a red velvet blazer with a red velvet pump. Throw in some neutral tones by pairing it with a tan crop top and mini skirt.

Befitting Style Valentine's Day Lookbook Velvet Blazer Velvet Shoe


If you’re a bit more conservative, opt for a red form fitting wide legged pant and pair it with a tan crop top and tan heels. Step out of the ordinary and go for a floral embellished bag and necklace.

Befitting Style Valentines Day Lookbook Wide Leg Pants


What will you be wearing on Valentine’s Day?

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16 Thoughts to “3 Looks That’ll Wow Your Boo On Valentine’s Day”

  1. Wow, this looks really extravagant. Yes, I guess that’s the adjective which is popping into my head. 🙂 Like the colors…
    xx finja | http://www.effcaa.com

  2. Liz

    These are beautiful!! ? I need to get my closet space together.

  3. I love all these looks! We are having a low key Valentine’s Day this year so I will be in my comfy LulaRoe leggings!

    1. Ohhh sounds good! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

  4. Wow, Wow , Wow. These pieces are beautiful. I like the Milan blue Blaze, the multi red bag , the red wide leg pant and the beautiful earing. I am really set to enjoy valentine. Happy valentine to you Oyin. God will definitely bless you. Amen

  5. These outfits will DEFINITELY wow my man! Thanks for sharing! I love them!

    1. Awesome!!! Glad you love them!

  6. I am LOVING that first look! And the crop top in the third one is to die for! It would look so gorgeous paired with those red pants!!


    1. Yess! That crop top is the most detailed of the 3. I love it too!

  7. These are some really nice ideas! I like the monochrome red and pink look the most!

    1. Ohh Great!!! Glad you love it.

  8. These are fun looks. I’m loving that crop top in look 2. I still haven’t picked a v-day outfit yet. Guess i better get on it!

    1. So simple and chic! At least you have about a week to choose!

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