25 Red Dresses Under $100 For the Holidays

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I recently went to a Christmas brunch with friends and monochromed in a red ruffle sleeve dress with a red beret. I love wearing red all year round so I enjoy the influx of red looks throughout the holidays. Because many tend to opt for this striking color during this wonderful time of the year, its only right that I provide a few options to make things a tad bit easier for you.

But first, lets discuss my love for this beret! The best part about this beret is that its the only hat that I own that properly fits my head! I have such a big head that it’s difficult for me to find a hat that I won’t have to squeeze into, making this beret one of my staples for the winter.

I love wearing monochrome red looks because of how amazing it looks on my dark skin tone!

Because it’s a shift dress, I can easily stuff my face without thinking of whether my stomach will get bloated or not. The best part about this CeCe dress is that there are several Cece dresses under $100 so its cheap and cheerful for those on a budget.


What do you usually wear during the holidays?

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    I love your outlook. Beret has it’s own look. You look confident and sexy. God bless you Oyin. Amen

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