20 Year Old Black Woman Made $1 Million In 8 Minutes

Moon X Cosmetics Founder - Mariee

I found out about Moon X Cosmetics on YouTube. Founder and CEO, Mariee Revere’s success was introduced to me before her skincare line. Making $1 million in 8 minutes isn’t something you hear every day (especially from a 20 year old black woman) so I was immediately intrigued as I watched her vlog. This skincare line offers serums, cleansers, and more. I feel like a proud big sister writing this because when I stumbled upon Mariee’s Revere YouTube Channel, I was beaming from ear to ear while watching her document how she runs her business. After lots of hard work, time, and energy, once Moon X Cosmetics restocked during May, it made $1 million dollars in 8 minutes!

Mariee’s YouTube channel also shares a bit about her family. One of her videos documented her surprising her family by paying off her mother’s credit card debt and her grandmother’s mortgage for the rest of the year.

Its beautiful to see how resilient black women are. Anything is possible as long as we persevere.

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  1. Comfort Ayoade

    This young black lady is a proof that that anybody can achieve anything through hard work. She worked hard and climb the highest mountain . Thanks Oyin, God bless you. Amen

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