20 Things I No Longer Buy

Reevalution is always necessary in life so here are 20 things I no longer buy. I just realized that its usually minimalists that create posts like this. I am far from being a minimalist. I love having a vast variety of things. I also enjoy being a woman with strong will as it makes it easy for me to stop doing anything that I decide to cut out of my life.

Before checking out the items I no longer buy, support the organizations fighting inequality by checking out this national resource list that also includes petitions as well as legal services for protesters. An easy and free way to contribute is by searching “Black Lives Matter Donate Playlist” on YouTube. Simply let the 24/7 live video play throughout the day and the money made from the ads will be donated to Black Lives Matter, NAACP, and/or other organizations fighting inequality.

Check out the video below to watch me talk about the 20 things I no longer buy as a non – minimalist.


I stopped eating meat 4 years ago after doing a 30 day no meat challenge and haven’t looked back since. During my adolescent years, I never thought I could give up meat but the beautiful thing about life is that we grow and evolve.


In my quest to practice mindfulness, its important for me to begin letting go of the things that hurt the earth. We only have one planet earth so we need to keep it clean. Learning that plastics end up in the ocean was enough for me to stop buying cases of plastic bottled water.


Lotion used to dry out my skin. After being tired of days filled with unnecessary ashyness, I decided to opt for shea butter during my early college years. 10 years later and I’m hooked! I will never go back to using lotion as it did absolutely notion for me. At least while using shea butter, I know it’s only shea butter on my skin. No one knows what lotion is composed of and that’s scary.



Rice doesn’t have enough nutrients for me to care to consume it. Its way too high in calories and doesn’t offer much but love handles and extra cellulite. Because this high carb meal doesn’t favor my fitness goal, I stay far away from rice and lean closer to vegetables.


Has food ever looked amazing on the menu, yet looks completely different once the waiter serves your plate? This is literally one of my pet-peeves at restaurants. Integrity matters to me and requesting that I recieve what is advertised instead of a bootleg version of it isn’t too much to ask for.


In my quest to be a better adult, I stopped buying things I can’t afford and my bank account thanks for me it.


For the same reasons I don’t eat rice, I can’t randomly buy bread at the supermarket. Bread has absolutely no nutrients therefore its a no for me.


I do not play with my safety and the only way I can assure that my car won’t break down and randomly stop working is if I continue buying new cars. My first car was pre-owned and I had quite a bit of issues with it even though only one person owned it before me. That left a bad taste in my mouth so I’m forever uninterested in used cars.


I’m the queen of working out at home. I was in a different place in my life when I got a gym membership last year but now that I’ve been quarantined, I have no interest in going back to the gym.



I don’t even use my wallets! I currently have 2 wallets that I don’t use and it really taught me that I really don’t care for wallets. If its never going to be used, it shouldn’t be bought. Moving forward, I don’t plan on buying wallets.


I’m blessed to have small boobs so I take full advantage by not wearing bras. Its a blessing!


Do we still buy those? Nothing makes me feel more modern than the fact that I no longer buy DVDs and CDs. I cherish the DVDs that I have as they’re from the early 2000s but I’d rather watch anything new on my tv or computer.


I bought a gel kit 2 years ago and that changed the game for me. I’m able to do my nails to my liking on my own and take my sweet time. I love it! It also saves me a pretty penny not going to the nail salon every couple weeks.


I don’t switch out my phone cases so theres no need to have more than one case. Many years ago, I kept several phone cases for one phone, yet I never switched out the case. If I don’t use it, its a waste of money so I’ve decided not to buy more than one phone case.


I’m open to wearing different denim styles. I’m just not into denim pants. I might opt for a wide leg pair one day but check out the video above for more on how I feel about denim.


We live in modern times where our phones can do anything. I refuse to pay for a calendar.


Many years ago, I stopped buying items that are cheap in quality because it ends up being a waste of money. Items that quickly fall apart and are constantly replaced actually cost more money in the long run than items that are created with great quality because they last longer


I’m not opposed to buying pens. I just haven’t bought one in many years. I may run out of pens when I turn 30 lol.


I stopped drinking soda in high school because I’ve always preferred the taste of water (yes, even as a teenager). My body thanks me for it.

What do you no longer buy?

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