20 Shorts To Chill In This Summer

20 Shorts To Chill In This Summer

Summertime calls for countless amounts of barbecues, picnics and just lounging around with friends. I tend to gravitate towards shorts for these festivities as its much more comfortable for hanging out and it doesn’t inhibit me from getting a little active when its time to play. With American independence day right around the corner and being in the midst of festival season, shorts are definitely the way to go!

I usually go for shorts with a bit of character. I’ve just decided to buy booty shorts on clearance since I’m going to a festival and I really want to make an effort with my outfit. Booty shorts definitely have some character!! Ruffles are kinda the key to my heart. LOL! I own a few ruffled shorts that I can’t wait to throw on this summer. If it doesn’t feature ruffles or any other type of embroidery or embellishment, it must have a print! Although I prefer bold prints over subtle prints, I’m not too picky with prints, as I would still wear either one.

Check out the shorts below and let me know which one is your favorite.

What type of shorts do you usually wear?
Cover Image: Anthropologie

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60 Thoughts to “20 Shorts To Chill In This Summer”

  1. omg those milos shorts are so cute!

  2. I LOVE the the lace and ruffle combination! Super cute & would be so fun to wear!!

    1. Thanks glad you love it 🙂

  3. Those shorts look great! I love all of these picks. My favorite part of summer is the shorts! Yay!

    1. I love shorts too girl!

  4. Pam Wattenbarger

    I like those white shorts on the second slide. White shorts are a summer wardrobe staple for me and those have a little flair to them.

    1. Yesss me too! Such a summer need!

  5. I’m still hit or miss with shorts. I just start wearing them again a few years ago. Sometimes I just don’t like the way they look on me. I love bold colors though, they scream summer.

    1. Bold colors are always exceptional LOL

  6. I love the pineapple shorts. So fun to run around in!

    1. Yes! Love fruit prints!

  7. Comfort Ayoade

    I love those shorts. The shorts from Nordstrom are beautiful, price wise, they are not bad at all. That are so cute.. God bless you Oyin. Amen.

    1. Thank you glad you love it

  8. I tend to wear some plain shorts, which have gotten a bit boring, but I do like tops that are printed. I’ll have to check these out though, because I need to update my wardrobe!

    1. Yes! I love a little wardrobe makeover!

  9. Very cute picks, there are literally shorts for every fashion sense on this list. My favorite are the Kate Spade Jardin Tile shorts on the last page, those jumped out at me almost immediately!

    1. LOL Kate Spade is one of my fave bag designers. Shes phenomenal!

  10. These are all cute. I love the lacy shorts! I’m not into bold prints, but the ones in the photo are really nice.

  11. These are all super cute shorts. I have been looking for some new shorts this summer, and this is so helpful for sure. I am loving the prints and lace.

  12. The shorts in the middle are definitely my favourite!

  13. I’ve been loving statement shorts lately, and these are all such fun picks!

  14. I love the ones with the scalloped lace hem! They’re sweet and sassy! Can’t wait to put on some this 4th of July!

    1. Yes! 4th of July definitely calls for sassy shorts

  15. I love all these styles and the beautiful colors. I dig the yellow one especially.

  16. I love all of these shorts, especially the printed ones!! I need to find myself some cute printed shorts!!

  17. E H

    Love all of the color of these shorts styles! What a great collection – I need a few for myself and my girls, I love these patterns!

  18. I could see me in all of these shorts. I love bright and prints. And of course the length of them is modest and that’s something I look for when shopping for shorts.

  19. those are so cute and I wish I had a few of them for the summer… LOVE the look and looks comfy too ; )

  20. uprunforlife

    I love these cute and fun prints. It has been a while since I have purchased any clothes for myself. I need to get some shorts that fit me.

    1. I can’t go too long without shopping LOL that’s why I share my findings with you all. Glad you like them.

  21. I mostly use shorts around my house and rarely ever go out with them, when I do they are least bermuda length. 🙂

    1. Ohhh I love bermuda shorts as well 🙂

  22. So many adorable options!! I really want to rock a pair of cute shorts but I have discovered that I am much more comfortable in a neutral bottom with a fun top!

    1. Totally understand. Love fun tops!

  23. Misty Nelson Dawn

    I’m a huge fan of shorts and these are all looks awesome and I’min love with the white lace short

  24. Our Family World

    These shorts are really cute. I love the plain pink with the scalloped hemline. The blue printed one looks cute too. I better take advantage of this warm weather to wear shorts. Soon it will be months and months of chilly weather again.

    1. Yesss take advantage now! I’m totally enjoying this weather.

  25. So cute! I’m always looking for new shorts that are baggy and comfortable in the summer heat! Love the bold patterns.

    1. Awesome! Glad you love it

  26. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Summer is for wearing shorts! I love these new shorts styles. The pink pair in the second page looks so pretty! I’m checking these out and maybe get a pair or two.

    1. Awesome! Glad you like it.

  27. Bailey

    These are TOO cute!

  28. I love this! I always get so bored of plain denim shorts but I never know what to get instead! Great guide

    1. Thanks! So much more to shorts than denim 🙂

  29. These are some awesome choices for summer, I am in love with the lace ones they are so cute <3

    1. Thanks so glad you love them!

  30. Prints have been my fav patterns of the summer. Especially fruits and tropical! Too bad I am not going on a holiday in the sun any time soon or the sun is hiding in Manchester. Coz they are all great choices!

    1. Oh wow! Didn’t know the sun starts to disappear at this time of the year in Manchester.

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