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I’ve always had a thing for metallics. It’s actually to the point that I can wear metallics all the time without getting tired of it. When choosing jewelry, I usually go for gold but for some reason, when it comes to apparel, silver metallics attract me quite a bit more than gold metallics. I encountered this No.21 two tone metallic pleated skirt a while ago and because I am unable to forget about it, it’s only right that it is this week’s Befitting Pick.

n-21-two tone metallic pleated skirt-1-redo

Why would I love this metallic skirt so much? Maybe it’s the fact that it’s so vibrant, that it almost looks like foil. Such distinct features are sure to attract me.


The skirt is the perfect length for those who may fear to show too much leg during the fall as they avoid the chilly wind grazing their skin. With this womens skirt being midi length, it’s worth taking the risk and showing a bit of skin as most of the leg would be covered. I’m sure you’ll be warm once you pair this skirt with a cropped sweater where it’s hem meets right where the waist of the skirt begins.


Because this N0.21 skirt is quite pricey, I was sure to include a silver two tone metallic pleated skirt that is much cheaper.


What type of skirt will you opt for this fall?

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24 Thoughts to “The 2 Tone Metallic Skirt That Brightens Any Look | Befitting Picks”

  1. Kristina

    I love this skirt! It’s so pretty. I’ve never seen a metallic skirt like this, but I love the mixture of gold and silver. I agree that it looks like foil. How cool!

  2. This skirt is so fun! Perfect for the holidays!!

  3. Fun! This seems perfect for NYE!

  4. I prefer the black and the grey metallic skirt to the gold and silver skirt , Unbelievable not because of the price but because of the color. God bless you Oyin. Amen

  5. That’s a very pretty skirt! I love how it ties in with those boots to. I am not sure I can pull it off though 🙁 . Now my daughter that loves anything pretty and shiny, if she sees this I’m in trouble! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I can only imagine how much attention this skirt would command from kids lol!

  6. I had no idea this was a trend and I love it! Definitely passing this on!

  7. Such a fun skirt, you’re rocking this fun look well! I love it.

    Lee Anne

  8. What an awesome skirt. I’ve never thought about wearing metallics. Thanks for sharing this and showing me that it’s a style worth giving a chance.

    1. Not a problem. Thanks for reading 🙂

  9. That would be perfect for the NYE party I am going to at the beach! I love it!

    1. Yes it would be soooo perfect!

  10. Loving this pleated skirt! So fun and festive for the season…wow!

  11. Crystal Marie

    Edgy. I love my pleated metallic skirts so much! This one looks fabulous!

  12. Love this look. I’ve seen it paired with a cropped top and it was really pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  13. CourtneyLynne

    Omg what a fabulous skirt!!! Perfect for NYE!!!

  14. I am ALL about metallics right now. This skirt is so awesome!
    xo Jessica

  15. such a cool metallic skirt and the two-tone makes it super special!

  16. So fun!! Thank you for sharing! And thank you for the cheaper option 😉 I am loving suede and cordoroy skirts this Fall… Can’t get enough of them!

    Kylie Gravlee

    1. I’m loving suede as well. It exudes a similar feel to velvet.

  17. How perfect is this skirt for the holidays?! So cute.

  18. Lorna

    That would really brighten up any look!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

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