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There are many times when I just don’t feel like getting dressed. Although I find style to be so much fun, sometimes I’d rather not wear several pieces of clothing. On those days, I throw on a jumpsuit because its 1 and done. No need to pair it with anything else (although at many times I wear sequins with it as well). What I love most about jumpsuits is that they can be dressed up or dressed down. Because I love saving a coin, I shared 12 jumpsuits under $100 .

This jumpsuit is an oldie but goodie from New York & Company and the comfort always brings me back to wear it.

I stuck to my usual habit and dressed it up with a sequin Simitri bag, which you can get 10% off using the code “BefittingStyle” and brightened up the look a bit with purple and white Karl Lagerfeld sandals.

Because New York & Company always provides pocket-friendly items, its only right that I share with you 12 purple jumpsuits under $100 in case you’d like to give this look a try. The jumpsuits below feature a variety of prints as well as solids for those who want to keep it simple and chic.


Do you enjoy wearing jumpsuits?

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9 Thoughts to “12 Jumpsuits Under $100 | Befitting Steals”

  1. Cassie

    I am not a big jumpsuit fan. But the one in your pictures is very gorgeous

  2. I don’t think I’ve actually ever even tried on a jumpsuit. But you look amazing! Makes me at least wanna try one on…

  3. You look so good in a jumpsuit! I have always loved how they look, but I am so short that I thought that I would look funny in one.. I may have to just go for it and try though!

  4. Love a good jumpsuit! You paired yours perfectly with those awesome shoes!

  5. Love that you are rocking the jumpsuit. This is something that I have not been able to pull off myself yet. But this summer i am determined to find a jumpsuit I like for me.

  6. Annreeba

    You look so good in a jumpsuit! You paired yours perfectly with those awesome shoes. Love it very much.

  7. Looking great in your jumpsuit. Love the necklace.

  8. I love a good jumpsuit! This one looks great on you.

  9. I love jumpsuits they are so comfortable and yours looks awesome!

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