Wear Sandals During Winter

Wear sandals in the winter! I don’t really operate in seasons. Yes, I’m wearing a sweater dress but I would also wear this sweater dress during the fall and spring. When I threw this dress on, I couldn’t think of any shoe that would be better than these Sam Edelman glitter sandals.

Although these sandals are an oldie but goodie, I don’t think I can ever get enough of them! Wearing sandals in the winter might sound crazy to most people but I really don’t think it’s a big deal if it’s paired with socks (although sometimes I wear sandals without socks during the winter). Wearing sandals with thigh high socks exudes the thigh-high boot aesthetic without throwing on a boot.

Because I don’t get cold easily, I would have preferred wearing this dress on its own but my love for monochrome couldn’t resist the opportunity to add more grey to my look.

How could I resist the opportunity to wear my favorite bag?! With grey being a mixture of black and white, it’s only right that I throw on the Kate Spade Pop Bag and pair it with the grey and silver Quay Australia sunnies.

Do you wear sandals in the winter?

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