Wrap Skirt & Bodysuit | NYFW SS17 Day 4

I opted for a wrap skirt yesterday because I’ve had this skirt for a few months and I finally felt like it was the right time to throw it on.  I paired the skirt with a yellow bodysuit that I couldn’t wait to wear especially because I don’t wear bodysuits often. Yellow and orange are always a great mix as they compliment each other very well. On Day 4, I viewed the

The Unconventional Button Down | NYFW Day 2

Why wear your button down shirt the usual way when you can spice it up by making it an off the shoulder top? The 94 degree weather was the major influence of this look. As I knew I would be running around to shows and parties, I needed something breathable. I saw the Tadashi Shoji collection and attended the Timo Weiland pre-party and the Stone Island Flagship Opening. Of course I’m not the first to wear my button down this way. I’m not sure who came up with this idea but…

How I Style | Orange Open Side Top & Khaki Shorts

Happy September! Although this is the month that is associated with fall, this 90 degree weather should remind us all that it is still very much summer. Some may look at this look and think its almost channelling fall due to the orange hue and the dark brown lips but I beg to differ. Its just another

How I Style | Simple Red T-Shirt Dress

It is absolutely impossible for me to go through the summer without wearing yet another T-Shirt dress. What I love most about a T-Shirt dress is the comfortability. T-Shirts are easy and wearing it in a dress form is even easier (no need to pair with bottoms). Despite its functionality, they can also get a bit boring, hence why I purchased

How I Style | Pink Off The Shoulder Dress

Off the shoulder pieces are all the rage this summer but it’s a style that I have always loved. Its a great way to be sexy without showing too much skin. Although I’ve only worn the off the shoulder style a few times this summer, my favorite pieces include a

How I Style | Turban + Shirtdress

I have a thing for turbans and as a Nigerian, we wear geles made of several fabrics for special occasions. When I decided to wear this shirt dress, I knew I wanted to wear it with a turban. I prefer wearing turbans sometimes because its easier to throw on and its super simple.You may catch me on my snapchat (@queenoyinkan) wearing a turban at least a couple  times a week. The white button down portion of the dress is attached to the blue portion. I usually like to buy these…

Not Your Average T-Shirt Dress | Yellow Printed Casual Dress

When wearing a yellow printed casual dress, some may be confused on how to style it. Because its casual, its easier to style than a look thats more formal. It’s pretty understandable as yellow is one of the brightest colors that anyone can wear. I get asked countless of times about how I consistently wear bright colors. Wearing a one piece such as a dress is easier to style than looks that consists of several items of apparel. It’s very much possible for most people as long as its accessorized cohesively. I’ll…

Sequin Applique Skirt | NYFWM Day 4

For the final day of Fashion Week,  I decided to wear a mesh taupe skirt with sequin applique. This was such a last minute look (as most of my outfits are). I was originally going to wear another skirt then decided I wanted to wear something longer and classy. I was drawn to this skirt because of its intricate detailing. It’s easy to find a floral attire anywhere but when I stumbled upon this skirt that is detailed with sequin florals, I knew I had to have it because its…

Ankara Print Skirt | NYFWM Day 3

Because wearing prints is my habitat, wearing an ankara print is comfortable for me. Ankara is worn constantly by Nigerians and I’m constantly buying fabric because I never know when I may randomly want to create something.Whenever I come up with an idea, I want it when I want it. It may sound a little spoiled but thats how I am and I believe in taking the necessary steps in order to bring it to fulfillment. Because I didn’t care to wait for someone to make the the skirt for…

How I Style | Floral Plunging Neckline

Happy Friday! This summer is all about the off the shoulder tops, printed pieces and the plunging neckline. All 3 styles that I have always loved. There is truly nothing like a great floral attire. Because it’s one of my favorite prints, I can wear floral pretty much everyday without getting tired of it. When I decided to have a night on the town for my friend’s birthday, I knew this dress would be perfect. It’s fun, flirty and great for any modern day woman. When I purchased this dress, I thought…