Florals In The Fall

Who would have ever thought that by mid December, we wouldn’t have experienced snow already but end up luxuriating in 64 degree weather in NYC. Although I’m glad that it is warm, it’s a little scary for what it means for the environment, nonetheless, I always embrace warm weather as Spring is my favorite season. It is very important to take advantage of the few warm days that we have until winter. We have one more week till winter so lets make it count! I choose to embrace this shocking warmth of…

What I Wore | Scott Campbell Whole Glory Closing Reception

What if you had the opportunity to get a tattoo by one of your favorite artists for free? Of course you wouldn’t think twice about getting the tattoo. If the artist said he/she would like to place a mystery tattoo on your body, would you still do it? That is exactly what happened as Scott Campbell gave several people tattoos where he saw no faces and only their arm as it was placed through the wall for him to allow his creative juices to flow. I’m not really big on tattoos…

Don’t Rush The Fall | Shirt Dress + Polka Dot Jumpsuit

Why bid farewell to summer when we still have 16 more days of summer according to the seasonal calendar. Even after September 22, the sun is still shining for most of the day, flowers are still blooming and the weather is still relatively warm.

How I Wear Layers In The Summer

Summertime calls for skin, skin, and more skin! So you may wonder how on earth can I possibly wear layers in this heat? As everyone is showing different ways to show skin, here I am presenting you with a post about layers in the summer. You probably think I’m crazy but bare with me. There is a definite way to wear layers in the summer without feeling hotter than usual.

Brunch | Tan Expressions