Casual Friday | Button Down + Tee

I took a little break from blogging and it felt a little weird, yet part of me felt like I needed it. Now that things are back in order, I’m happy to be back here talking about what I love most: style. Even though I haven’t been blogging this week, I still shot a look ( just couldn’t get myself to post it) a few days ago in hopes of sharing it with you soon. When I think of Fridays, casual comes to mind so it’s only right that I…

Black Velvet Off Shoulder | Wearing White in Rain | NYFW

Who said you can’t wear white pants in the rain?! It rained quite a bit on Sunday and despite the rain, I still decided to move forward with a look that featured a color that most dread to wear in such weather conditions. I didn’t think the rain was too heavy so it didn’t cause a problem for me, yet I must admit that I was initially apprehensive about my pants getting wet, essentially flashing my underwear to the world but I had a feeling that was not going to…

Fall Off The Shoulder Blue And White Stripes

We’re two weeks into fall and the weather changed drastically. I’m used to summer easing its way out as fall creeps in, but this time, fall refused to wait as it was ready to play. Going from 90 degrees on one day to 60 degrees the following day can surely take a toll on the body and greatly influence the change of style. Fall influenced me to wear

Asymmetrical Fringe | NYFW SS17 Day 5

Day 5 wasn’t as hectic as some of the other days. The first show that I attended was during the late afternoon, therefore I was able to have the morning to myself to accomplish other things. Once I arrived at Skylight Moynihan, I viewed Artistix, Katy Xiomara and Anniesa Hasibuan. By Day 5, I tapped a little deeper into my Queendom and wore the colors of royalty: purple and gold. With this asymmetrical fringed  suede skirt, I loved how the fringe moved at every step. It felt perfect for the…

How I Style | Turban + Shirtdress

I have a thing for turbans and as a Nigerian, we wear geles made of several fabrics for special occasions. When I decided to wear this shirt dress, I knew I wanted to wear it with a turban. I prefer wearing turbans sometimes because its easier to throw on and its super simple.You may catch me on my snapchat (@queenoyinkan) wearing a turban at least a couple  times a week. The white button down portion of the dress is attached to the blue portion. I usually like to buy these…

Not Your Average T-Shirt Dress | Yellow Printed Casual Dress

When wearing a yellow printed casual dress, some may be confused on how to style it. Because its casual, its easier to style than a look thats more formal. It’s pretty understandable as yellow is one of the brightest colors that anyone can wear. I get asked countless of times about how I consistently wear bright colors. Wearing a one piece such as a dress is easier to style than looks that consists of several items of apparel. It’s very much possible for most people as long as its accessorized cohesively. I’ll…

Bridal Shower | Red Floral Dress

I love a Bridal Shower mostly because it’s the prelude to a wedding (in America). I decided to wear a red floral dress simply because it was the first dress I laid my eyes on the morning of the bridal shower. The shower took place on Saturday and it was already a hectic weekend thus far so I didn’t feel like actually looking for something to wear (which is how I feel half of the time I get dressed). Like I always say, it’s always easier to wear a dress.…

It’s Been Hot | Blue and White

It’s been hot and just as we thought the summer would creep up on us slowly, it came full force and I love it.  I’ve been gravitating towards my blue pieces lately so I once again, ended up wearing a blue and white look (I don’t plan this. It just happens). With the temperature increasing, the clothes decrease. I usually don’t

Spring Layers | High- Low Sweater

Although it is spring, a sweater is a must-have as the weather tends to fluctuate quite inconsistently. With the temperature being on the cooler side lately, it is imperative to incorporate layers into your style. Some may only incorporate layers during the winter but it is very possible to wear a layer or two and still exude

Shirt Dress + Oversized Button Down

As the weather gets warmer and the leaves get greener, we are provided with more flexibility on the variety of dresses to choose from. During the winter, people are less prone to wear a dress due to the very cold season. I decided to tread lightly with a simple shirt dress. Spring is just beginning so there will be plenty of time for