The Cascading Trench For Any Weather | Befitting Picks

So I recently stumbled upon this unique Burberry trench coat and I instantly fell in love. Most trench coats are pretty basic as they don’t feature much details beyond the trimming so to encounter a trench coat that includes such succulent flaps in the front, creating a

Happy Easter! |3 Ways To Wear A Trench Jacket

For some, easter marks the day Jesus rose again, for others easter is just the confirmation needed to welcome the spring season. Because Jesus rose again during the spring, today personally marks both occasions for me. As  winter came to term, I wondered if the unusual warm weather would result in spring being cooler than expected. Today’s weather proves that my prediction was correct. It’s not cold but it’s not exactly the typical warm spring day so I paired a trench with my striped shirt dress. There are 3 common ways…