Shirt Dress + Oversized Button Down

As the weather gets warmer and the leaves get greener, we are provided with more flexibility on the variety of dresses to choose from. During the winter, people are less prone to wear a dress due to the very cold season. I decided to tread lightly with a simple shirt dress. Spring is just beginning so there will be plenty of time for

Spring Into Neutrals

Now you know I  couldn’t wait to wear a pair of sandals! I’m actually shocked that this weather is still warm, but I’m milking it while I can. Sandals gets me excited for the summer as well as the warmer spring days ahead. These are the first

Spring Came Early | Stepford Chic

Spring came early and I love it!!! I love the warm air and the slight chilly breeze. With Spring being my favorite season,  I am able to wear all the pieces that I love most. Spring attire is the best attire (most probably disagree). The spring style is bright and chic. Its the season that I relate to the most therefore I am so grateful that spring came early this year and I hope this warmth lingers until summer begins without reverting back to winter. I’ve been wearing