Spring Layers | High- Low Sweater

Although it is spring, a sweater is a must-have as the weather tends to fluctuate quite inconsistently. With the temperature being on the cooler side lately, it is imperative to incorporate layers into your style. Some may only incorporate layers during the winter but it is very possible to wear a layer or two and still exude

Spring Layers | Taupe & Black

We are a bit into spring at this point and with the weather constantly fluctuating between spring-like temperatures and degrees that may lead some to wear a jacket, one may not be able to stick to the usual spring style. You may be blessed with a beautiful 80 degree sunny day, yet the next day experience a 40 degree gloomy day. When dealing with weather that lacks commitment, a long sleeve button down shirt is a must. It keeps you warm enough through the cooler days yet cool enough through the warmer…